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  1. XtraPrimeTime

    Share Your V! (Keep it Classy)

    i agree, whenever i come across something that "could look cool" i just go into photo mode - and this is the first game ever i spend more than than 2 minutes in it. and i have so much fun taking pictures i like :D
  2. XtraPrimeTime

    When is it safe to ignore the main story and start doing my own thing?

    But does it still track your trophies? I think you wont get achievements then? If it is really cutting your FPS in half - thats insane, but most likely is a ram issue on your side maybe?
  3. XtraPrimeTime

    Game has no anti-aliasing option

    I did read your post, after i did recheck my post. simply amazing work man, but im updating to 1.04 right now and have to wait until its finished. then i will 100% try it out.
  4. XtraPrimeTime

    Game has no anti-aliasing option

    Dude this helped me soooo much. I personally added "SHARPEN" aswell (yes the sharpen setting under "DETAILS" was not enough for me). Details: sharpen and clarity: 100%; HDR and Bloom 0% Sharpen: sharpen 50%; second slider 100% and its at least playable now :)
  5. XtraPrimeTime

    Non-Lethal Weapons

    Yes you can "easily" try your non-lethal playthrough. Stealth is one of the options. Right in the tutorial they explain your possibilities when you are sneaked up behind the enemy (kill or knock out). There is another way which I have seen after 18 hours of playtime so far:
  6. XtraPrimeTime

    Share Your V! (Keep it Classy)

    10/10 ;D
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