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  1. robzhe

    I'm sad

    I lol'd after reading the first couple of lines of caps. At least you have something to focus on for another playthrough I guess. That's one main thing I've still not done but will maybe go for it one day. I agree though that the things you have to do to access that ending could have been easier...
  2. robzhe

    Project Orion Wishlist

    Just one thing : cyberspace. I always thought the lack of it in 2077 was odd, even though it's still one of my fave games. If the sequel had a number of playable cyberspace areas that you could also go back to and explore whenever you wanted I think that'd be the main thing that was missing...
  3. robzhe

    BUGS after Patch 2.1

    I've seen a few people mention this but not sure why it's not happening to more players, or maybe it is but they're not posting online : RED Launcher doesn't even appear any more when starting the game, the game just opens up instead. I've never seen that happen before either I don't think, I...
  4. robzhe


    I'm actually amazed that CDPR have added the PL expansion as a code in the box for PS5, never saw that one coming. I can understand a lot of other gaming companies doing it but not CDPR. That's me passing on the console version anyway. Maybe there'll be another edition one day where it's all on...
  5. robzhe

    What do you want to see in the new 2.0 patch? Or in the next patches?

    I could make a list of things because this is one of my fave games now and there's naturally stuff that comes to mind at times whilst playing, but I'll just say one thing : Morro Rock clearly appears to be unfinished. The idea that you can travel down there just to seems weird and I'd really...
  6. robzhe

    Patch 2.01

    I was stuck with this for well over a year and could never get them back on, eventually though I saw someone suggest that they'll appear again if you do River's quests and after trying that it actually worked. So if you've not done it already, River's The Hunt quest should be around the time...
  7. robzhe

    2.0 Non-lethal is now impossible

    I didn't even think of this, have been using older levelled chars so didn't think about the start of the game. It's definitely a problem when added to the non-use of iconics and how hard it is to even find a single pax mod in shops so hopefully it'll be sorted out in a patch. If not maybe...
  8. robzhe

    Starfield! Spaaaaaaace...ladders.

    I got to level 49 on Starfield and reached 100 hours before 2.0 arrived then only went back to hit 50 and have been on Cyberpunk since. I think Starfield is a great game though even if there's divisive parts to it but I feel like I'm going to be playing Cyberpunk for a while yet before going...
  9. robzhe

    Headhunter, Shinobi, etc. We need tool tips?

    I think this explains things ok : Skill Progression in Cyberpunk Patch 2.0 - How to Level Skills Agreed that tool tips or something quick you can read giving pointers on how to level them seem like they're needed though. I was eventually able to work most of it out I think as I played but it...
  10. robzhe

    Level scaling ruins the game

    If you're ok dealing with Arasaka Military I'm sure you'll be fine with 3 Tiger Claws too unless you rush in somewhere and get caught by several enemies at once without being able to find cover/heal properly, get caught by surprise as you're concentrating on something else or you've changed how...
  11. robzhe

    My favourite game, now dead

    Some of the main mods have been updated now and others are following so you might be ok shortly for the most part.
  12. robzhe

    My favourite game, now dead

    I'm mixed with some of what's happened with 2.0 + PL but I don't think everything's set in stone just because we're not getting any more expansions. My own guess is that they released 2.0 and PL knowing that they were changing a lot of stuff and that not all of the changes would be liked. Now...
  13. robzhe

    Level scaling ruins the game

    There's no need for that when you can use contagion first, then charge in and shoot everyone. There you go, hacking saved.
  14. robzhe

    Do you think Phantom Liberty will be worth the price? Reasons?

    I think it might be Starbug for a while, it is Bethesda after all. :sneaky: So you're probably going to have to deal with bugs one way or the other. It should probably be accepted though with games on this scale that there's going to be patches needed after release. One thing that might help...
  15. robzhe

    Massive performance regression on Vega, looking for answers. (Fixed in Patch 2.11!)

    I might not be playing much either seeing as my pc won't be supported after the expansion is out. I'm hoping to save up for a new one but no idea if I'll be ready by the time it's out and to be honest, it runs weirdly lately with even a small amount of mods I use seeing the game crashing or...
  16. robzhe


    Agreed that it sucks and my CPU is below requirements now too but I think your pc might still be able to run it. This is what they added when they wrote about the update : Update to PC system requirements At the same time though I'd not be expecting to use RTX, or to hit 60fps, or to have any...
  17. robzhe


    Yeah I've read something like that a few times recently I think. Anyway after all of the legal issues CDPR had after this game was released I'd not even like to see them dragged through courts again. It'd be good if this was the last time they changed minimum requirements for a patch and...
  18. robzhe


    I was just thinking about this again before checking back here and seeing this and yeah I genuinely still find it hard to believe. Like I've said here already more than once I think, I'm one of the people that are now pushed out completely with these requirements so it affects me more than most...
  19. robzhe

    Do you think Phantom Liberty will be worth the price? Reasons?

    I have no issues with thinking it'll be worth it really as this is one of my fave games so having a new area + content seems easily worth the price. I'm a Skyrim fan too though so I'm used to bugs and if this releases a buggy mess I'll still be fine playing like I was when the actual main game...
  20. robzhe


    Don't be giving them ideas. :oops:
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