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  1. KyberPunch

    Share Your V! (Keep it Classy)

  2. KyberPunch

    Suggestions for Cyberpunk 2077 moving forward

    What about the possibility to skip entire dialogs or cutscenes when re-playing the game?
  3. KyberPunch

    1.5 likely to release in the "first months of 2022". Meaning probably Q1

    I can't believe there wont be even a minor event near the 10th of december. I can understand how the marketing division probably got silenced after what happened last year but anniversary?
  4. KyberPunch

    Suggestions for Cyberpunk 2077 moving forward

    What about: Use the next patch to drop some random objects throughout the city, say 3 types of objects (...rare, uncommon, common...?) Once a player has collected all of them, then and only then he can access specific DLCs (...rare, uncommon, common...?) Adjust ranks/achievements according to...
  5. KyberPunch

    Overlapping conversations

    Hello everyone, since the last patch (1.06) I noted that conversations between NPCs often overlap between the one you are actually talking to and the one who calls you on the phone. So it happens that V tries to respond to two persons at the same time. It's like no one is waiting for their...
  6. KyberPunch

    Key Remapping

    I agree on full key remapping option! Especially the F key.
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