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  1. Gr8VKS

    Where is the news for 1.2 ?

    Taking into account the recent events reg the Ransomware attack and breach of security. I am not sure if they will be able to release it this month. We might hear some news in next few weeks reg and delay for this update.
  2. Gr8VKS

    Why is there so much cut content? [Possible Spoilers]

    Let's just hope they add additional meaningful content in the game thru DLC. Expansions, I have no doubt will be big. But the free DLCs might just be additional hair styles, alternative looks etc.
  3. Gr8VKS

    Is this cut content?

    I don't think it was limitation of writing, or how to reconcile it. I say, CDPR writers are one of the best in the industry they could've pulled it thru. But I certainly think that time was a limitation due to which they cut it or skipped over it.
  4. Gr8VKS

    [Patch 1.1 Bug] Item randomisation broken (hotfixed in patch 1.11)

    I highly agree, save scumming defeats the purpose of crafting. That said, crafting should be more systematic.
  5. Gr8VKS

    You wil fix LMG mod slot right :0 ?

    I think they might add new weapons and class in expansions
  6. Gr8VKS

    Will CDPR ever respond to lack of RPG Mechanics and lack of choices?

    The main story is not going to change now. And there will be no updates regarding how your choices affect the world. But maybe in New expansions they can introduce a more flexible story with more elaborate choices and consequences like Blood and Wine.
  7. Gr8VKS

    Is it too little too late?

    I don't think it's too late yet, given that next patch resolves the major issues and they gain the trust back in some way.
  8. Gr8VKS

    New forum game!

    :cool: CDPR is awesome... Look at the emojis... Can I get them for my discord server? :shrug::ohstopit::ok::cry::oops::sad::giveup:
  9. Gr8VKS

    New forum game!

    Umm... I'm losing every battle... What's happening
  10. Gr8VKS

    New forum game!

    Challenge me 😃😃
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