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    Drawback of voice protagonists

    Clearly voiced ended up being the downfall here given the amount of time they didn’t have to finish the game.
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    launcher wont start the game

    Try the exe file in the game install folder. I use the cyberpunk.exe to skip the loader all together. 1608660061 As a workaround at least.
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    Life Choices: What do you think is/was the best life path for the game ?

    Nomd is the only way, the only one that feels relevant as the others just have minimal impact of game. as bad as they all have been neglected.
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    how do you like the character editor?

    I just can’t help but feel this game is missing parts they have taken out or dropped. May come back as dlc who knows. Creator feels very stripped back and lacking camera control to inspect the model.
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    Favorite DLC from any game?

    Aww dude one of my most favs. you should try boot this one up again. definitely worth it.
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    System requirements for Cyberpunk 2077 - UPDATE!

    I think they meant 3K (3000) series and not 3K in price.
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    Anybody else planning on getting the game guide?

    Not for's like having that Ring of Power calling your name as you try make a decision in game..."My preeeeciiioussses"
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    What game are you currently playing

    The 'Waiting' Game :p
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    Favorite DLC from any game?

    Oblivion, Shivering Isles was the most memorable for me.
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    Do you expect to finish CP2077?

    If the story is good, you'll tend to complete it. I mean CDPR's entire selling point for CP 2020 is the story itself. I generally always aim to finish games but now that you mention Skyrim. I dont think I have ever completed the man story for that, despite the hundreds of hours I have spent...
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    The main story will take around 30 hours to finish

    fools will rush through this, I will cherish and milk every moment of this badboy.
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    Any idea on how multiple character saves will work?

    We know each save file will be labeled with the life path so very likely how skyrim worked with a folder being created per character/play-through.
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    Who are you gonna roleplay as in Cyberpunk?

    I may do all three intros before going deep. As I would imagine a playthrough a year would allow me to spread my time accordingly and not rush through.
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    Option to censor profanity?

    I look forward to the 10th of December purely so that I no longer have to visit the forum and find posts like this.
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    Will PC version have built-in benchmark?

    I thought the bench mark was just being able to play and for how long 😂.
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    December 10, 2020 ... Are we sure?

    in honesty I would be that guy as well. It’s more of a passionate thing for some as they are very excited. These days I just stay up late to play enough until the weekend where I can agree sometime with my other half in regards to parental duties 😂. calling it silly could be unfair in that...
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    Important announcement regarding Cyberpunk 2077 release date

    Yep shoulda moved it to 2021. Because this gets delayed again then pooooof. Sucks
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    The literal Comfort Zone – Reasons you are happy that CP2077 releases later

    I’ll jump on watchdogs for the interim. Good post!
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    What game are you currently playing

    The Outer Worlds Last Jedi Fallen Order Witcher 3 - Casual Replay GTA V - Casual Replay
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    Why the person above you should be banned

    Banned for being named after a type of Battery
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