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    Ghost Mode or Enhanced Edition? Which mod do you prefer?

    So what you are saying is, if you are to choose between one great overhaul mod or another, you'd rather not choose at all? ;)
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    Guide: Mod limit fix

    Ohhh, my... :beer::beer::beer:
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    Seeking to recover my lost mods

    @MonarchX Looking forward to a more official release, maybe?
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    Guide: Mod limit fix

    Incredible, you are a hero! 1556440160 is it still advisable to merge mods if possible for performance reasons or something?
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    Tutorial (Adding FX to the location)

    Do your thing @MonarchX ! Pls...:)
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    [MOD] Witcher 3 RE:mods

    nice, looks interesting. Great to see such a diverse modding scene still active.
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    Need Help with small script env.

    what are you up to?
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    The Vladimír Vilimovský UI Project

    witcher 1 interface was so neat, i loved the transparent halfscreen design
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    HD Reworked Project - 2-in-1 (like "Shampoo & Body Wash") Merging Guide

    i suppose you wouldnt care to share your resulting files? :sneaky:
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    fix Horizon

    @MonarchX amazing mod dude, is there any way to track you progress, are you on discord?
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    Strange proxy LOD and draw distance behavior

    are you working on something?
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    Overcoming the Mod Limit (maybe)

    you might be on to something here! Maybe a short tutorial video so others can try to recreate this more easily and share their results? Great work
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    Enabling shadows from light sources in Toussaint

    rfuzzo nice, care to share it?
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    Hires Shadows on Geralt

    take a look at the latest comments over there:
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    [Lighting Mods] STLM 3.0

    kubfor Looking Great. Hope you get permission from both. More variety for different tastes is always great.
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    Winter Is Coming...

    pun intended
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    "Runtime" Env Editing is real!

    KNGRSM thanks for detailed info. take your time. keep it fun.
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