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  1. Darkhollow

    The Witcher 3 and CDPR Appreciation thread

    Happy Holidays everyone!
  2. Darkhollow

    [Ending spoilers!]- Gaunter O'Dimm intentions?

    ^ He was actually there at the beginning of the game remember? He's like the first person you encounter in the Inn that also helps you meet with he IS in the game outside of the expansion, but is most likely plotting behind the scenes to make contracts with many people to grab their...
  3. Darkhollow

    [Ending spoilers!]- Gaunter O'Dimm intentions?

    I think that he merely did that so you would "owe him one" and since he's only interest is human souls (guess he considers Witchers human as well) then that led him into persuading Geralt to get into a pact/contract with him in this expansion. He did brought up the fact that he helped you...
  4. Darkhollow

    [SPOILERS] What's your opinion on Hearts of Stone?

    Loved this expansion..took me 20 hours to complete. I really liked Olgierd as a character and bringing Shani back, albeit for a little while was a blast! My favorite part must've been the wedding.
  5. Darkhollow

    Wild Rose Dethorned Quest/Achivement (Spoilers)

    Wild Rose Dethorned Quest/Achivement (Spoilers) Hello I just finished the game today so I decided to go back and try to do the achievements and I ran into a bugged one (Ofieri gear one) and now this one called Wild Rose Dethroned which I can't seem to trigger. I dunno exactly how many camps...
  6. Darkhollow

    [BUG] Hearts of Stone: I wore Ofieri achivement doesn't trigger (Steam - Spoilers obviously)

    [BUG] Hearts of Stone: I wore Ofieri achivement doesn't trigger (Steam - Spoilers obviously) Hello I would like to report a bug regarding the achievement "I wore Ofieri before it was cool" on Steam. I have acquired (more like crafted) all of the ofieri set from the diagrams based off the quest...
  7. Darkhollow

    The Witcher 3 Ruined My Gaming Life....

    The only game that will probably come close to the quality of Witcher 3 in my eyes is Cyberpunk 2077, but that's a few years away. Good thing we still got expansions and hopefully a New Game + to look forward to..I want to replay the game with a Signs build romancing Triss this time.
  8. Darkhollow

    Open Letter from Marcin Iwiński -- co-founder of CD PROJEKT RED

    Congrats CDPR! And thank you for creating one of the best RPG franchise I have ever played..well deserved. Here's to you guys and onto the next milestone:
  9. Darkhollow

    Yennefer of Vengerberg (all spoilers)

    I read all the novels before starting to play Witcher 3 and I already had my eyes set on Yen from the get go. Throughout the game I really started to warm up to her even more than I thought..and then The Last Wish quest happened...and it only solidified my choice that Yennefer is the only...
  10. Darkhollow

    THANK YOU CDPR for creating this franchise! (Just finished Witcher 3)

    THANK YOU CDPR for creating this franchise! (Just finished Witcher 3) Here we are again at the end of Geralt's story and I cannot simply believe that my journey has ended. And what a journey it has been..very emotional, heartbreaking and filled with tears. Tying up lose ends with all the...
  11. Darkhollow

    Some of the changes coming in the next patch (1.04/1.05)

    Been keeping my green quests in my log waiting for the XP bug to be fixed and doing PoI's in Skellige while waiting to do the Act 2 main quest after patch goes live. MarcinMomot I want to ask if the bug in the "Tower out of Nowhere"quest where is fixed or not. Also to those that have gear...
  12. Darkhollow

    Is SHE in the game???

    Yeah I was wondering this as well..went to where she was supposed to be at (from the demo), but it seems that they removed her from the game. I don't think she looked better than Yennefer but definitely better than Triss.
  13. Darkhollow

    Rose of Remembrance (Spoiler)

    Thing is this...Geralt got his memories back completely which would imply that the Last Wish from the books is still into play. Knowing this we know that he remembered that he only loves Yen and he made the wish with the Djinn for that very make his subconscious ignore all other...
  14. Darkhollow

    Could kissing a witcher kill you?

    Witcher's are IMMUNE to diseases not the other way around. Yes it's safe to kiss a witcher..even have sex with one with no risk of getting pregnant, because they are sterile.
  15. Darkhollow

    What is your current playtime?

    According to Steam 122 hours. In game..4 days and 20 hours. I'm level 22 and I'm only at the second part (in Skellige atm)..I got Novigrad/Velen completed 99% side quests and exploration wise. I really hope there's more content given the fact that the level cap is 60+ I don't know how long...
  16. Darkhollow

    The Whispering Hillock - Did you save the children?

    I did the Tree Spirit's quest and deceived her during the ritual and killed her. Yeah the casualties were some kids that were given to the Crones, but on the flip side I didn't release a more powerful evil spirit than the Crones into the world (which we find out it's aftermath to Downwarren if...
  17. Darkhollow

    [BUG] Can't do "The Tower Outta Nowhere" mission

    Same problem here...I gave the mage the book and after he got the barrier down he doesn't move.
  18. Darkhollow

    Unlock Key-Binding not working?

    I'm having the same issue...I wanna swap Map bind from M to ~ (tilde) because it's easier to press and once I turned the keybindings on so I can change them and once I leave the menu they don't work.
  19. Darkhollow

    Is it me, or is the Witcher 3 really toned down in the sex department? (sorta spoilers?)

    Yeah I've noticed this as well. I've been to both brothels in Novigrad to see the different animations and cutscenes and out of 8 women..I've seen only 3 or 4 variations. This also applied to the optional one you can get during a main quest with K.M.
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