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    Letho's fate

    Out of my 2 playthroughs I killed him both times, partly because he killed or endangered people Geralt cared about(Cedric, leaving an injured Triss to get eaten by a troll in the ravines), partly because he was a manipulator who killed everyone he dealt with just to keep his secrets(the...
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    Decent Arm Wrestling Mini Game

    I'd rather not have arm wrestling made into something tedious, given it's my main source of getting extra money when I'm running short of Orens for crafting or buying something. I prefer going through something simple again and again rather than something complicated and tedious that I'd have to...
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    Medallion sound missing

    I can hear the sound pretty clearly in the few instances where it plays, so I don't think my laptop speakers are the problem.
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    Medallion sound missing

    Medallion sound missing I installed the Witcher 2 on my laptop and noticed that the sound which the medallion makes on being activated is missing everywhere except a few select locations in the game. Does anyone else have this problem?
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    Can you make endless money with arm wrestling?

    Given the extortionate prices of merchants in this game(buying price is like 13 times the price you can sell to them!) it becomes necessary to farm orens if you want all the really nice equipment and enhancements. And arm wrestling or fist fighting is certainly less tedious than running around...
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    Replacement sculpture broken again

    Although one alternative solution would be to ship in a tough wooden box, like the World in Conflict Collector's Edition.
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    Replacement sculpture broken again

    A suggestion to CDProjekt: If they include sculptures in any future game releases they should make them from hard plastic or wood instead of plaster-of-paris/polystone. Less chance of getting chipped.
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    Opinion on Act 3 (and Epilogue)

    My main complaint about Act 3 is the same as most others: It was too short and there was too little to do. I found a lot of high-end gear(Deithwen, Zerrakintment, Addan Deith, Operator's Staff, Caerme, Vran Armor, Armor of Ysgith, Draug Armor etc) but by then there was little left to use it on...
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    Never encountered Phillipa.....

    Philippa is first mentioned/seen in the Flotsam when you talk to the person eavesdropping in the room neighbouring Sile de Tansarville's to find out what happened to Triss. On Roche's path you never meet her face-to-face but Dethmold mentions sensing a powerful sorceress on the other side of...
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    An encripted Manuscript Quest

    Buy the Novigradan sword or do the quest for the Operator Staff instead.
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    So what's next ?

    I get the feeling the parallel world where the Aen Elle reside will be the epilogue of the Witcher 3, similar to the White Frost in the first game. However I wouldn't mind something like Ciri's adventures where Geralt periodically visits various parallel worlds during the plot.
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    Too soft with other mutants ?

    I've killed Letho both times because ultimately, I could not agree with what he did. The ends did not justify the means. Letho may just have wanted his Witcher School back, but for that he destabilised the Northern Realms and set up a new global war, which put thousands of innocent lives at...
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    Would Triss be mad a Geralt if he chose to help Iorveth/Roche instead of saving her

    When Triss tells Geralt how Letho saved and protected her the tone of her voice certainly suggests she's a little upset that it wasn't Geralt who did that for her. But she'll probably get over it, she seems to have resigned herself that Geralt is gonna dump her for Yennefer anyway.
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    Endrega Queen pheromones

    Note: Don't ever sell or use anything labeled as a 'Quest Item'. If possible store it in your trunk so that you won't accidentally use it.
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    Endrega Queen pheromones

    You can also buy the Novigradan sword from merchants in Loc Muinne, a good alternative for those who missed both Caerme and the Vran sword. Or the Operator's Staff from the Vran Guardian quest.
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    Who was the very first assassin?

    The First Assasin was wearing a Viper medallion, and given the plot that's revealed here he was likely part of the same group as Letho, Serrit and Auckes. He was probably left out of the dialogue because of a mistake by the writers. However if you follow the cartoon-flashbacks then in the last...
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    How Much?

    The 'other' path involves sneaking through the camp stealthily, which can be annoying if you don't like stealth parts. The moment you get detected there's a cutscene where Geralt gets shot and killed.
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    Help with 2 quests

    You may get the diagram if you side with the wraiths, but you also get the dissatisfaction of knowing you let yourself be tricked into causing an innocent man's death.
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    Who is Biggerhorn and Where to Find Him?

    Check out the 'Characters' part of your journal and see it Biggerhorn is anywhere in there. Vergen is incredibly large and the map doesn't provide any information about different sections, so a lot of characters and their locations(like Iorveth) I didn't know until I'd explored the town from...
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    Where is Triss Merigold, approaching Henselt's camp

    Make sure to pay a visit to the house on the hill near the beach in the lower part of the map. You have to run quite a distance, but it's necessary for the Operator/Vran Guardian quest in Act 3. See the wikia for more details. BTW the caves underneath the camp go a LONG way, branching off...
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