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    Yennefer of Vengerberg (all spoilers)

    I think it didn't actually fit the serious mood so they decided to substitute this with Geralt telling Yennefer a story.
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    [LINKS ONLY] Witcher 3 News

    gamermd83 talking about Ciri
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    [LINKS ONLY] Witcher 3 News

    Info about speedrun with english subtitles
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    Dyskusja o artykułach i mediach dot. Wiedźmina 3

    Gameplay pięknie się prezentuje, ale jedna rzecz mi przeszkadza. Na większosci materiałów widać, że bez turlania się niestety nie obejdzie, a redzi podobno obiecali pozbycie się rollfestu. Chociaż nie jest tak źle jak w dwójce gdzie turlanie było jedyną opcją uników.
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    Ciri Fan Art Thread

    By secondchildrenASL
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    The Witcher Fan Art Thread

    Geralt and his girls playing witcher 3 Found this on reddit. Art By Maksim Samarin.
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    The Witcher books (NO SPOILERS)

    Missing novels finally getting official translation!
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    Sword of Destiny is being translated

    Sword of Destiny is being translated I don't know how legit this source is but it seems like David French may be translating this before Tower of Swallow, which I find strange since publishers said they want to finish story from novels and...
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    [TYLKO LINKI] Wiedźmin 3 w mediach

    ... Brak mi słów
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    [TYLKO LINKI] Wiedźmin 3 w mediach

    Na angielskim forum znalazłem informacje o próbkach dialogów Ciri i Yennefer. Artykuł po rosyjsku Wrzucam tlumaczenie angielskie i niech ktoś bardziej odpowiedni przetłumaczy na nasze Tutaj mamy Ciri i nieznajomego link Man: You came through a lot of trouble... Your whole body is covered...
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    Geralt and Nivellen speed-art

    Geralt and Nivellen speed-art
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    Ciri Fan Art Thread

    Found this drawing on deviantart made by WojciechFus, I really hope that in witcher 3 we will get Ciri fighting on skates because that scene in books was just incedible.
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    The Witcher 3 at Tokyo Game Show 2014

    Nice video from Japan
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    Ignorance is bliss, and stupidity is contagious.

    Wasn't Yennefer the reason why Geralt started working on improving his knowledge? Anyone remember infamous "exorcism" used on Djinn?
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    (Poll) What's your contructive opinion on Ciri's design?

    That's how I imagine Ciri travelling with those heels
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    The Witcher Cosplay Guide - Ciri

    Care to elaborate? How exactly is she sexualized in the books?
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    Ciri Fan Art Thread

    Wow, just wow...
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    Witcher 3 fake BETA

    Witcher 3 fake BETA I don't know if anyone posted this yet but I think this should be reported to CD Project.
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    Unnecessary Censorship - The Witcher [Video]

    My favourite was when Leo said "Every time Lambert's f*^#s me he says I have potential". I had a really bad day and thanks to you I laughed really hard.
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    baptism of fire (book)

    Baptism of Fire already out in US I've just read the information about this on Orbit's main page. Here is link : My only complaint is something stated in the article "For those of you craving something new and...
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