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  1. Potrov75

    Cyberware Capacity Usage Fluctuates

    This bug is still in effect, even though I am playing on the most current version of available on Steam. Just trying to maxing out my character and reached max capacity (for my character) with implants. Then I try to upgrade an implant (doesn't matter which one), and that implant is unequiped...
  2. Potrov75

    GoG Galaxy does not detect Cyberpunk 2077 and so does not update to 2.02

    Thanks for the tip to use the GoG offline installer, however then I need to completely download the entire game after each patch, which is a lot of extra downloads( in 4GB chunks). So I ended up uninstalling GoG Galaxy and reinstalling it. After that I scanned via GoG Galaxy the directory where...
  3. Potrov75

    GoG Galaxy does not detect Cyberpunk 2077 and so does not update to 2.02

    I have installed Cyberpunk 2070 on an external SSD dirve (MME3), which works very well and is extremely rapid. However I started GoG Galaxy before I plugged in the external drive and since then GoG Galaxy doesn't detect the game any longer. However i can still play it via the shortcut that was...
  4. Potrov75

    1.6/1.61 - Ongoing Bugs List

    Bugreport: created a new character after upgrading the installation (without any customizations) to 1.6. When I arrive in V's appartment after the intro strory I go to the mirror look at myself and choose the 'change appearance' option. The screen becomes dark, but no UI appears on screen...
  5. Potrov75

    Elden ring question

    I tried Elder Ring as well on PC (didn't come very far yet) but by default indeed console controls are shown. Luckily I disocovered this website. Which explains both console and PC controls and suggestions how to improve the PC controls. You can change the default display of the xbox controls...
  6. Potrov75

    Anyone else keep coming back?

    At this moment I am at 713 hours and 45 minutes played in Cyberpunk 2077. I am playing on PC, so probably had an easier time at release than most most on the consoles. I love the style, humour, music and atmosphere of the game. It's this patckage that keeps pulling me back when they release a...
  7. Potrov75

    It's All About You – Episode 5: Streets of Night City

    Very impressive and fun!
  8. Potrov75

    trevor's last ride: bugged

    I hadn't scanned the actual car yet, so I did that now but nothing changed. Perhaps I should reload an older save game and try again - but then I am not here to beta-test a game and don't want to loose the progress I have made after this. But you're correct that it could have been changed that...
  9. Potrov75

    trevor's last ride: bugged

    While re-playing Cyberpunk now with the 1.5 update (and up to date until toda - March 1 2022) playing on PC I cannot find nor target the body of Trevor. While I did manage to finish this quest multiple-times pre-1.5. So something has changed. The freezer where Trevor used to be seems to be void...
  10. Potrov75

    Black unicorn and the clothes are missing after 1.5

    I started a new game with the 1.5 update on PC and still got all the goodies, so it's not an issue that hits everyone. The clothes are in a cabin in your apartment and the sword in the storage.
  11. Potrov75

    Latest GOG news item but in a different language

    I noticed that one as well, when I just logged into GOG. Clicking on the 'read more' put me to site with a 'not available' error.. It seems like a bug, or a localization issue at the very least.
  12. Potrov75

    It's All About You — Episode 4: Guests of the Afterlife

    That's a lot of great talent! Love the art, it fits perfectly with the setting and mood of the Cyberpunk setting and Cyberpunk 2077 game!
  13. Potrov75

    Why so much faith was put into Cyberpunk 2077 by gamers?

    I think a lot of people got drawn into the hype on one side and let their own expectations go wild on the other side. I purposefully evaded a lot of the marketing and hype to not see too many spoilers of the game, so I was expecting a single main storyline (which it delivered) from a first...
  14. Potrov75

    The potential arrival of Cyberpunk Online (March - April 2022)

    To be honest, I do not care about multiplayer. I just am looking forward for additional single player content, such as more quests, free/.played DLC with interesting stories in the awesome world of Cyberpunk.
  15. Potrov75

    🎉The Welcome Thread

    Even though Cyberpunk for consoles released - in my humble opinion too early - I enjoyed it immensely on PC. As I purposefully evaded a lot of the marketing and hype, my expectation was a fun, enjoyable story, first person in the Cyberpunk setting. And that was delivered very well. I played and...
  16. Potrov75

    1 year with Cyberpunk 2077

    Although I have played Cyberpunk on PC, I must say I love the game and am waiting anxiously for free and payed DLC. The music is awesome, the stories are great, the presentation of Cybedrpunk is awesome! So I thank all the devs, QA, etc for their hard work!
  17. Potrov75

    Patch 1.3 — list of changes

    Oooh, no! Now I have to update the game and play Cyberpunk 2077 again :D And I am looking forward doing that :) Thanks for the updates!
  18. Potrov75

    Do you actually like CP77 being shorter then Witcher3 ?

    Yes, I like CP77 to have a shorter main story line than the Witcher because the main storyline of the Witcher was very long. I prefer to have a good length main story line (which in my opinion CP77 has) with a lot of optional quests (which CP77 has). So this is awesome for me! Nevertheless I...
  19. Potrov75

    Is all blue quest infinitely repeatable?

    The blue quests are limited and if you read all information you can find on the crime scene there's a story behind these crimes per area; so that's very nicely done.
  20. Potrov75

    Is Cyberpunk 2077 a Sandbox game or not?

    Cyberpunk is not sandbox world as in "you can do whatever you want and craft your own future", it has a storyline with various endings (which depend on the choice you make) and a lot of quests (quite some of which are very in depth and have the same quality as the main quest)). The atmosphere...
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