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  1. SublimatedSerpent

    Audio Implants?

    I think it would be pretty cool to have ear implants in Cyberpunk. Though I think the most viable way to incorporate them would be as a kind of "threat detector" that warns you when enemies out of view are gonna attack. Or when grenades land near you. Could be interesting.
  2. SublimatedSerpent

    Antonio Lucchesi in Phantom Liberty

    Hey y’all. I’ve been wondering, Phantom Liberty is a “spy-thriller” type story wherein you work for NUSA. So it’s pretty likely Militech will be as heavily involved as Arasaka is in the main story. And as such, I think it likely that we’ll interact with Antonio Lucchesi in-game. ”But he’s...
  3. SublimatedSerpent

    A Cyberpunk Feedback Megareport

    In Cyberpunk, really the answer is both. A few long branches populated by many shorter branches. Cyberpunk was advertised as a game where you can make multiple major choices, and I think this structure would lend itself to that quite well.
  4. SublimatedSerpent

    A Cyberpunk Feedback Megareport

    I think the idea of automatically defecting really doesn’t work here. A major element of Cyberpunk is the focus on societal failure/dysfunction at every juncture and level. Star Wars is a melodramatic hero’s journey archetype. Defecting from the Empire is necessary since the setting tends to...
  5. SublimatedSerpent

    A Cyberpunk Feedback Megareport

    Personally, I very much enjoy that aspect of Witcher 2, and thus would definitely wanna see it in 2077. Really, more games overall. I find it enhances the completionist aspect, rather than detracts. I mean, besides, if you wanna play both acts in Witcher 2, you can simply load a previous save...
  6. SublimatedSerpent

    A Cyberpunk Feedback Megareport

    This is totally reasonable and understandable, but I personally do enjoy that mechanic. I’m a real weirdo that way. i like it when there are logical incentives and inconveniences that push me to do certain things. So having to craft Dragon’s Breath rounds to do fire damage sounds pretty damn...
  7. SublimatedSerpent

    A Cyberpunk Feedback Megareport

    You absolutely hit this on the head. Especially re: Menuization. A huge thing that was missing from the retail version is the diegetic experience we got from, say, the ripperdoc menu in the E3 demo. I was really disappointed when I saw that they cut that. Diegetic Interfaces, like interactable...
  8. SublimatedSerpent

    A Cyberpunk Feedback Megareport

    What's up, Chooms. I'll preface this with some context: Having bought both the regular and Collector's Edition, and read basically all the 2020 and RED Sourcebooks, you could say I was pretty hyped for 2077's release. As we all were. Having beat it around Christmas of 2020, I had a good few...
  9. SublimatedSerpent

    Request for full fashionware vendors in DLC, and extension of wardrobe system.

    Honestly, yeah. Plus, you could incorporate a ATTRACTION system into the game, where olayersnhave to match one of the 4 styles to gain approval from certain NPCs
  10. SublimatedSerpent

    Call of Duty put third person view into their new game, RE village selling Third person mode as a DLC, May be 2077 should do the same

    I’d say the first step would be fixing the player animations and Full Body Presence. I mean, But her Bay managed to pull it off back in 2005. No reason why CDPR can’t do it now
  11. SublimatedSerpent

    A subtle change to give more depth to crafting and weapon customization with already existing assets (probably just return a cut feature)

    Honestly, could work. Though I would say they should incorporate multiple sets of modular attachments, more distinct from the bespoke weapons (like the sidewinder)
  12. SublimatedSerpent

    Cool ideas for expansion

    One thing that’d be pretty cool, to piggyback on your idea, is the option to create a Corpo Security character. Like a Militech or Trauma Team trooper, whose entire questline is an endless, repeatable sequence of gig-style procedural missions. This could also be boosted by mods or UGC
  13. SublimatedSerpent

    Weapon Transmog system

    Hard agree. In fact, incorporating that into a greater weapon parts/modding/repair system would be ideal. If not here, then in future games (where they’ll be using Unreal)
  14. SublimatedSerpent

    Can we please get some heavy weaponry in the expansion?

    Yup. Plus it’d be cool to see stuff like point defense weapons, lasers, railguns, and other stuff that wa spresent in the tabletop. Right now the weapon selection feels too bare for how open Cyberpunk is supposed to be.
  15. SublimatedSerpent

    Dual Wielding, the ultimate Handgun ability.

    Hard agree. You could even tie it into BODY and reflexes. A high enough BODY lets you dual wield rifles, etc.. High enough reflexes let you reload/reload faster when dual wielding.
  16. SublimatedSerpent

    POWER, SMART, TECH weapons should having seperate ammo pool

    Not just that. There needs to be different calibers and standards, too. I mean, the weapon text often explicitly says what kind of ammo each platform fires. So the devs not implementing that is clearly an unfinished feature.
  17. SublimatedSerpent

    Add a bow as a weapon

    Could be cool. Especially since the tabletop had bows as a viable weapon group. Would be super interesting to see how they adapt that
  18. SublimatedSerpent

    Sandevistan Visual Suggestion

    Don’t know if copying the anime exactly is the way to go. Especially since there’s already motion blur when you activate it anyway
  19. SublimatedSerpent

    🎉The Welcome Thread

    Hi all. I wrote a megareport re: my impressions with the game back when I beat it in 2020. Now that CDPR showed they were working on an expansion, switching to Unreal, etc., and now that Edgerunners is a hit, I thought now would be a good time to post it. I would like some mod assistance with this.
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