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  1. eddie-eerie

    Share your screenshots, NPCS, World, or your Character.

    "Dont loose your head"
  2. eddie-eerie

    Share Your V! (Keep it Classy)

    My favorite Streetkid V, and yes thats a functional Assault rifle with a functional grenade launcher, not a prop! assorted mods for clothing etc
  3. eddie-eerie

    Can we please get New Game Plus.

    there were/are good mods that let you go for new game plus, we are all waiting for a updare Respector but i can recommend starting with Pseudo new Game mod, Level scaling makes even early gameplay a challenge, since you might be lacking in cyberware :)
  4. eddie-eerie

    Stealth issue since 2.12.

    Well... it might be some changed on that Gig that hasnt been in patchnotes; If i fired any silenced shots, even with Sonic Shock active, it did triggered combat mode. Using the Stealth takedown worked fine, same as using Ultimate Quickhack: System Collapse. Might be that the idea that you were...
  5. eddie-eerie

    Stealth issue since 2.12.

    Scripted areas have always been prone to bugs, so there might be a issue, i got a update save close to that gig, going try to run it and see if i can spot a change or if its just you that are unlucky
  6. eddie-eerie

    Help with modding

    what one are trying to use? some are really tricky and as you said, hard to spot straight away, if the other mods works fine its probably not your instaling them wrongly,
  7. eddie-eerie

    More Cyberware Cosmetics in Character Creation Please!

    Well.... for you all playing on PC... go crazy on mod! there is mods for almost anything, particular when it comes to looks/body types/tattoos/cybernetics and so on... now when Cyberpunk has become "stable" its even more rewarding dipping into the addiction of the modding community!
  8. eddie-eerie


    strange, always best is to try a older save, usually thats the best(and only) way to solve it
  9. eddie-eerie

    save data is damaged

    Before it risked corruption after 8MB, they increased it to 12MB, the problem is that it wasnt designed for keeping on playing or crafting alot of stuff, the best way is to keep crafting to a minimum, with a minimum of spare mods. There is alot to the corruption problem going on, specially if...
  10. eddie-eerie

    Stealth issue since 2.12.

    Really strange, its like the silencer didnt "silence" then, i guessed that you tried to requip the silencer? but seems like its more a local bug, cause normal Stealth works outside that quest? As people said, there might be some tweak, not registered in the patch notes, going on.
  11. eddie-eerie

    Stealth issue since 2.12.

    It might be that they see you do it, there is more than one way to trigger alerted state and the Arasaka Industial Park have tons of cameras, try to dissable the cameras first and retry it. sometimes they have tweaked things that didnt end up in patchnotes.
  12. eddie-eerie

    save data is damaged

    check the size of the save game files, if they reach a certain size. they can/will get corrupted by being to big, i had something similar that happened to me, each file that reached over 12Mb went dead, everyone under that worked fine.
  13. eddie-eerie

    River Rework For Lesbian V

    If you are playing on PC there is a good mod for it, ive played a female V in one of my playthrough and i agree, no matter what sexuality female V has, the River romance is really cringy and is probably the worse of all 4 options ingame. That you cant choose a option straight away to just brush...
  14. eddie-eerie


    it was fixed but apparently came back...
  15. eddie-eerie

    Air drops suddenly just stopped?

    Bug im guessing, nothing indicates that its intended that way(and would be really strange)
  16. eddie-eerie

    Patch 2.11

  17. eddie-eerie

    BUGS after Patch 2.1

    Intresting and really annoying bug, if i for exampel run past a NCPD scanner gig but dont stop to loot the container, the items in it turn to white, tier 1 ones, upon return. im guessing it has to do with something they tried to fix with the loot glitch, where you could save and reload, or run...
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