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    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt opening cinematic at Golden Joystick Awards

    the gameplay itself still a demo still in progress is not a full Optimized it yet . so how can all be same then ?
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    Character Appearances

    Ciri - she can control time & space . maybe she go though the time so much & that may cause her a bit older then suppose to be Triss - is Perfect . but did change a hair for what am seeing now that Yennefer suppose to have a black curly hair with violet eye in this lest trailer. i think...
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    Removing the tattoo

    actually i know how to remove that tattoo in Iorveth's path. but well I'm afraid that you need to play act 1 again in order to remove that tattoo you need to find anezke in lobideda she selling herb around there this is her location (that ingredient is very in high price you have to play...
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    The Perfect Yennefer

    nice find guipit now am feel :rofl: hahaha hahaha ok this is a bit out of topic, but... well of course is a real philippa voice . that woman in video her name is " Pandora Colin "one of the voice actress in TW2 well... am hope she be still cast a voice in TW3 . her voice was so amazing...
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    The Perfect Yennefer

    this is very flawless is amazing !!. oh my i wanna cry i wish i could add more then 1 red point for this pic " CDPJ hire her already , before somebody else hire her .hire her Please please pleaseeee :D "
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    Radovid VS Philippa in TW3 ( duh )

    well i will say again & again , if i have to chose side with someone in TW3 is could only be Philippa i don care that she will com back with revenge or anything like that , because no matter what is gonna happen in TW3 am was very willing to help her...
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    Land of sorceresses

    ok here is my another ver of Margarita Laux-Antille PS i will draw Fringilla Vigo later i very busy on the schools . so see you around :happy:
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    About the Sex again .

    well i don think is so guilty to see a nudity . or such content . (& believe me .am very love to see that content :lol: ). well many people may see a nudity or a sexy time was so disgust thing & etc etc . but for my point of view . nudity is like the art so i don think is so wrong about it &...
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    Now playing [music]

    this is one of my favorite songs . Frank Sinatra " Fly Me to the Moon " Cover by Missy Lynn
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    Assassin's Creed Unity

    The new Assassin's Creed new location & a new characters ? OMG i don even finish AC5 yet & this news:was... :shock: but well am a fan ( i got a whole AC series ) am gonna buy it .as soon as their released ! & am hope this time their gonna have a great story then Edward and .etc.etc & well...
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    Welcome Thread [Archive]

    well after such a huge mistake that am post my own pic in the wrong thread ( but that in the past ) , so is time to make thing right here is my picture & AL890 nobody are gonna mockery you you must believe in yourself man ( & believe me your looks is not bad at all ;) )
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    Happy Birthday Marcin! :D

    today is the beginning of a great year May your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer.:cheers2: Happy Birthday Marcin !! :happy: :gathering: :band:
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    Sigismund Dijkstra in TW3 ?

    am hope he will be eating alive by a huge spiders in Zerrikania ( well am just kidding ! ) , am really went to see him back to his own position in redania too , but what is gonna happen if he knowing about radovid has a deal with a black one or a little favor that he have with a Nilfgaard ...
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    Adam Kiciński about TW3 delay

    the largest city in the north ? well I don't think Novigrad is my concern anymore . the more concerning me here is must be a city in Nilfgaardian Empire ( well take a looks at this map ) even their did say anything about this yet but..,, am...
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    How do you feel about TW3 delay? (Poll)

    am ok am just 10% sad . 90% (am even feel 100% ) was very great & am very glad about the delay , because that means the TW3 will be even more greater game in our history ! well i got a whole year a heading me . that also mean that will have a enough time for a upgrade & enjoy a many game in...
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    Sigismund Dijkstra in TW3 ?

    Sigismund Dijkstra in TW3 ? Sigismund Dijkstra in TW3 ? Dijkstra as you guy already know that . he has many important role in the past as you can see from a saga .( books )...
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    The Witcher 3 - PC, Xbox One or PS4?

    hmm... i use to be a PC gamer for 16 year ( seen i was just 3 year old ) so my first playthough is will be a PC of course
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    Release Date of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – An Open Letter

    hey guy i see this video of TW3 gameplay very short , & is only say ALPHA.ver of TW3 i don know anyone here see this already . but well... here MOD edit: Posting that video is not allowed.
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    Release Date of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – An Open Letter

    is alright ,this is not a huge problem for me i can live with that :) . and i know some of the fan here must feel a little bit disappointed sad or maybe depress & .etc .etc . but hey you must think of the bight side ,that we will have a enough time for saving some money for buying new PC ( or...
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    Ciri Fan Art Thread

    OMG JustAnor is here !! . wow is very amazing to see you here your artworks is very beautiful & flawless every piece of them :) . And am went do tell you that well what can i say .... you are like my idol , and really if not because of you ( or TW series ) i may not drawing until this day ...
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