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  1. jiffyb333

    Patch Notes 11.3

    Very exciting changes to draft! Really interested to see how the 25 second turn timer affects the feel of play. I also greatly appriciate so many spell being changed to non-neutral to work better in draft. Thank you dev team for doing all that you're going to ensure Gwent's longevity!
  2. jiffyb333

    GWENTfinity Part 2: Community Voting Feature

    This in an incredibly difficult feature to set up, I'm so glad it's something happening in client and the process is quite streamlined. While it won't be able to solve every problem it definitely will help to make the game feel more fresh and like I have more of a say in how it's run. Thank you...
  3. jiffyb333

    2023 and GWENTfinity Part 1

    This game has meant so much to me from closed beta to now, helping me through some really rough times, I'm so grateful for your transparency for future plans rather than a sudden announcement. I'm also thankful that you're working to make the game still feel lively after you stop active...
  4. jiffyb333

    Patch Notes 10.6

    Very exciting patch notes once again! Am absolutely loving each patch making old cards desirable! Keep up the great work 🙂
  5. jiffyb333

    Summoning Circle functionality for Nilfgaard Starter Deck?

    Heya I'm a closed beta Gwent fan who is migrating from Reddit [...]. I also have an issue that I'm not sure where to post. I left a comment under the newest patch notes but I did so a few days after they went live so I'm not sure if it will be seen. The issue: I'm Introducing a friend to the...
  6. jiffyb333

    Abandoned girl vitality not working.

    Ah so it isn't just me! It was odd though it didn't work for me but then I played against someone who used it and it worked fine for them... Although they didn't have any dryad's played yet and it just gained 1 vitality.
  7. jiffyb333

    Gwent match pairing system

    I can certainly understand your frustration as a fellow inferior deck connoisseur. I've found playing ranked to be the best solution. My lower win rate keeps me at low ranks facing off against people with decks of similar levels or better decks but less piloting experience that makes matches...
  8. jiffyb333

    Patch Notes 10.5

    Been having an absolute blast this patch! Issue with a change though. I'm Introducing a friend to the game and he was confused by Summoning Circle in the Nilfgaard starter deck. I know before it used to synergize with the create mechanic but now it feels very weird for new players and doesn't...
  9. jiffyb333


    It's astonishing how much perception can affect playing the game. I found that when I stopped regularly browsing the Gwent subreddit the game was way more fun. Because I wasn't influenced by what decks or archetypes were 'terrible' in the eyes of the Reddit community I was able to play decks...
  10. jiffyb333

    Patch Notes 10.3

    Really love these changes. So exciting to see old archetypes be brought back up!
  11. jiffyb333

    GWENT Art Contest Results

    They're all masterfully done! Honor to the fallen is just so invention and technically impressive! Congratulations to the artists, thank you for sharing your incredible works. :)
  12. jiffyb333


    This was very insightful, and definitely something I noticed going from the 3 color system to 2 color and provision. It's made deck building a lot more thoughtful and that has been a great change. I've also loved seeing more high provision build around cards being included as it increases deck...
  13. jiffyb333

    Presenting GWENT Deck Library!

    Very cool! Netdecking obscure decks has never been easier!
  14. jiffyb333

    GWENT: Ask a Dev

    I remember a while ago it was mentioned that Faction Ambassadors were working on creating new starter decks for the factions. I was waiting for them to be implemented before I invited friends to the game. Are they still a thing that is going to happen?
  15. jiffyb333

    I Think Professional Gwent Would Be Much Improved By Allowing Deck Editing Between Rounds

    Good point, so I made another video compiling good talking points in the hope that a deeper discussion can be had. I would love to know your thoughts. :)
  16. jiffyb333

    More Open Daily Quests

    Good point, I think adding quest progression to friend matches would help draw more people in and reward friends for playing together. Currently Gwent can feel kind of lonely.
  17. jiffyb333

    I Think Professional Gwent Would Be Much Improved By Allowing Deck Editing Between Rounds

    Well it wouldn't be before every game but every set of games. There is already a break from the first day of games to the 2nd, and the final round also has a break before it begins. So I don't think any time would be added. Here's a video clarifying what I was trying to say, I hope this makes it...
  18. jiffyb333

    More Open Daily Quests

    I agree that win quests just generally kind of suck, and those are certainly creative ideas. Although they would have to make sure to implement them in such a way so people didn't get quest for cards they didn't own. And I'm certain there would be outraged from people who felt pigeonholed into...
  19. jiffyb333

    I Think Professional Gwent Would Be Much Improved By Allowing Deck Editing Between Rounds

    I suppose if the technology isn't in place to allow for a sideboard or deck editing of any sort then competitors could submit multiple decks per faction and choose to select a different one when going into a round. This would be less graceful but accomplish a similar goal. Thank you for bringing...
  20. jiffyb333

    I Think Professional Gwent Would Be Much Improved By Allowing Deck Editing Between Rounds

    EDIT#2: So good ideas were discussed but I want the debate to come to some form of community consensus as to what we think would be the best/most practical option for CDPR to use so I made a video compiling the major points I saw: EDIT: I now realize that my use of the word "round" was...
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