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    Is there any cool armor?

    Are you sure about the rondels being impractical? Granted I am not the Witcher, but I have sparred with longswords before. I've seen people spar with longswords in armor that has rondels on it. It's not a big deal, honestly.
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    The Yennefer/Triss choice in TW3

    Oh if only Essi Daven were still alive! (that one is for true fans of the books).
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    Replica Witcher Swords

    Whatever you do, don't buy a stainless steel sword. Stainless steel swords make baby Jesus cry.
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    Replica Witcher Swords

    If you are referring to swords as they are in the games, a lot of the steel ones are just European medieval hand-and-a-half / longswords. You could peruse the selection on As for the iconic silver sword from the games with the angled quillions, it's basically just a two-handed...
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    I hate to be a wet blanket here, but I'm not sure it makes sense for Geralt to basically turn into Ezio. He's had quite a few crippling injuries and there is even stuff in the books about how he walks with a limp. Granted, when blades come out and it's "go time" he's fine, but free running...
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    What is a godling?

    Awesome, thanks sneky. Love the little things I learn about Slavic Mythology from these games.
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    What is a godling?

    What is a godling? So, the new gameplay video shows part of a quest that involves Geralt talking to something called a godling. I've read the series twice and this isn't ringing a bell for me. Is it some version of a Bobolak, something hinted at a tiny bit in the saga? Thoughts?
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    This sword reminds me of sihil

    Yeah, I know this one has a big longer / beefier blade than how they are described in the books. helps to have a shorter blade if you want to draw it straight off your back. It is basically impossible with anything but a single-hand length blade. I just posted this because for some...
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    Puzzled about Geralt's 'new' look in TW3

    I'm not really bothered by how old he looks in the promotional art, just at how BIG he looks. I mean, I know he's in awesome shape, but...he doesn't eat a lot. I dunno how he'd end up being built like Bruce Wayne. I think in the books he is described as being somewhat tall compared to others...
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    This sword reminds me of sihil

    This sword reminds me of sihil I was always kind of intrigued by what a sword would look like from the novels. They are described (unless the Spanish translation is weird) as having strange proportions in some cases. I'm thinking in particular of the "sihil" that Geralt gets from the dwarf in...
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    The Wild Hunt: Mentions in the novels

    I must have glossed over a lot of it. I've read the series twice. I always got the sense that the Wild Hunt was just sort of a sense of dread or premonition, not an actual group of dudes flying around stealing people.
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    The Wild Hunt: Mentions in the novels

    The Wild Hunt: Mentions in the novels For a while now I've been under the conception that the Wild Hunt is something that the game developers are making more out of than what it is in the books--for plot purposes. However, I was reading the Spanish version of Sword of Destiny and I came across...
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    Actors to play characters from the Witcher / Actors who look like them

    What exactly are we talking about here? A complete reimagining of the series based on the original source material? Character appearances based strongly on the games? It matters because there are characters in the games that are nowhere to be found in the books. Anyway, I know it seems like a...
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    Is Ciri going to be in the W3?

    I think that for the first and to a lesser extent the second game they were wary of touching the original source material too much. There are some parallels between TW1 and the books, though. Ciri = Alvin (as a child) Vilgefortz = Azar Javed Rience = The Professor Striga = striga They borrowed...
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    Housing/Base(s) of operation in TW3

    Yeah, sorry but there is a difference between an open world in a physical sense and an open world in a character sense. Geralt is not an open character. Sorry. He's not someone whose face you get to form at the beginning of the game and give a made up name to, who is then inserted into a plot as...
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    Can Geralt swim?

    Does he then proceed to get water inside his boots, soak his gambeson and freeze to death?
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    Am I the only one who doesn't like geralts new beard?

    Yeah, the source material is pretty unambiguous about him being white haired. People are calling him White Wolf and "white haired one" constantly. Thing is, I don't think they want to make him 100% white-haired and albino for some reason. Even the guy who played him in the TV series in Poland...
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    Am I the only one who doesn't like geralts new beard?

    Eh, all game series have their "This's personal!" game that usually comes toward the end. Ezio from AC2 series gets a beard. Max Payne gets a beard. Sam Fischer from Splinter Cell gets a beard. Isaac Clarke from Deadspace gets a beard. I think I even saw a thing where the Lost Planet...
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    OMG, the Geralt's hansa !!!(Spoilers)

    I want to see Leo Bonhart.
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    What The Witcher 3 Could Learn/Use From The Witcher 1

    I would definitely like to hear more music that is similar to TW1. Also...with regard to the music, no heavy metal stuff breaks the immersion for me. I really like the somewhat somber, beautiful bittersweet sound of the first soundtrack. It is great for this world. That being...
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