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    Cyberpunk 2077 PC Crash Issues

    I get an instant CTD when launching the game after I updated to 1.5 yesterday. just uninstalled the game, even formated the ssd and reinstalled it. Same issue. Good to see that after a year the game isn't fixed. OS: Windows 10 Pro 21H2 CPU: Intel i7-10700k @ 4,8GHz OC GPU: Asus ROG Strix GTX...
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    will cdpr do a NMS with cp77?

    You got a point there. Haven't thought about that.
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    will cdpr do a NMS with cp77?

    They should release the dev-kit and call it a day. the community will make the game great in no time since they are more money driven since they entered stock market. being happy about the pc version is a joke.
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    [BUG] Bug List (V.1.06)

    After spending around 120h in NC I noted various bugs I encountered through my play time. Some of them may be fixed through the new 1.1 Patch but at least after comparing the Patch-Notes with my bug-list, there were no conformities. Thank you for your attempts to fixing the game so far...
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    Geralt in Cyberpunk 2077 (A gift to CDPR)

    This looks absolutely dope!
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    After Dex shoots V

    That doesn't change anything either.
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    After Dex shoots V

    how did you get Rogue out there?
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    Cars of Night City

    In fact the Coyote is my most driven vehicle in the game. followed by the Caliburn. In the bike section the most driven is the Arch Nazare and Brennan Apollon "Scorpion". Since I haven't been in the Badlands the last couple days I haven't found a good scenery to take some shots of Nomad vehicles...
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    Cars of Night City

    The exterior is definetly inspired by the Mustang, nonetheless the bonnet and interior have extreme similarities with the Dodge Challenger 1610360664 I like this one!
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    Maybe it's all Red Engine's fault?

    You're absolutly right. They could've denied this but the chance to have an actor like KR in the game was maybe a bit too much for CDPR to say "no" to.
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    Cars of Night City

    Hey folks, just want to share some screenshots I made from my motor pool. Feel free to share yours as well. I personally love the details they put into the car designs. It's a lot of fun to drive around town to look for the perfect picture-spot. Rayfield "Caliburn": Rayfield Aerondight...
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    Maybe it's all Red Engine's fault?

    Although I'm a huge fan of Keanu I'm pretty sure his wish to be more included in the game as firstly planned had a huge negative impact on the development.
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    Would You Rather See Multiplayer Or More DLC/Expansions?

    Definetly new content in form of DLCs and expansions. To this point I can't even think of a multiplayer based on the current game. Not in regards to bugs and glitches but the game mechanics itself. Therefore I'd rather see new ares in the game or new storys than a multiplayer mode.
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    make it possible to kill soldiers from trauma team

    When going for a DMG-Build with a smart rifle or meelee weapon you're good to go.
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    Can we talk about the in game advertising for a sec?

    Since I watched Blade Runner 2049, Altered Carbon, Dredd and The Expanse (I know the last one is more Sci-Fi, not Cyberpunk) I can assure that this oversexualized advertisements fits the narrative and are part of the dystopian world people live in. Since those fleshy-desires are part of human...
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    You work for the police too much in this game

    It's not like you are part of a specific gang whatsoever. You work as Merc, so anybody with €$ can hire you. Tiger Claws want a specific NCPD-Detective dead? okay gimme my Eddies. NCPD wants this sector cleared of Tiger Claws. Anything for Eddies. It's not that you are part of a faction. You...
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    Why the person above you should be banned

    ^Ban because there are now girls on the internet
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    So they really not gonna talk to us?

    Maybe they have christmas vacation and family time as well? just sayin'. The Devs are humans, too. Give them employees time to calm down and when they get back to work they'll have serious meetings with their management and will give us new informations.
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    The lack of 3rd person view

    Read that again please, you state they cut out third person view but they never announced it in first place. Of course they can integrate it into the game but they never said there will be one so no reason to complain
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