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  1. Narius

    2012 CDPR Conference on Cyberpunk 2077

    After playing for more than 50 hours now, I like the game even better then when I started. Hope to see what will get even better with the upcoming patches.
  2. Narius

    2012 CDPR Conference on Cyberpunk 2077

    So far I think they have come pretty close to the mark on most of these things. I've not played any other game that even comes close to the experience I've had with just a several hours of play in cyberpunk. Some of the things like #4 (Classes) were clearly iterated upon and improved beyond the...
  3. Narius

    PC- settings are not saved

    I have noticed this with the crouch toggle using keyboard on pc, I have to re-set it and hit apply again each time I continue playing when I load the game.
  4. Narius

    Update your NVIDIA drivers!

    Got my NVIDIA Drivers updated and ready to go! Looking forward to this. Thanks for the heads up!
  5. Narius

    Preload Cyberpunk 2077

    Had about a ~59 GB (GOG), then another ~9 GB update. Not sure how much more for the patch on release time but I am ready for it. Let's get ready for Night City!
  6. Narius


    16 hours...
  7. Narius

    Motorcycles vs. Cars vs. Fast Travel

    Actually what I am most interested in is ... cabs and trams and subways.. but not fast travel. I hope to chill out on public transportation buses or whatever, and take in the scenery. I'm all for Cars, Trucks, and Motorcycles but I keep thinking back to that early trailer...
  8. Narius

    Which card are you using for Cyberpunk2077?

    GTX 1080Ti. I run FHD so I'm thinking it should work fine.
  9. Narius

    Poll: What is your history with Cyberpunk games? When did you first discover this series?

    Ran a CP 2020 Campaign years back. Have been keeping tabs on the game since the beginning. Looking forward to this adaptation and evolution.
  10. Narius

    What platform will you play Cyberpunk 2077 on?

    Going PC here. Got some upgraded drives for my rig. Looking forward to it!
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