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    Blood and Wine -- New Screenshots released

    Damn... This looks so gorgeous my eyes got watery! Thank you so much for these screenshots :D
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    [MOD] Super Turbo Lighting Mod

    For the first time ever in a game, I just ran around for 1:30 hours just exploring and looking around... That was just amazing. I never could get into Skyrim and such with it's exploring because I never got into it for some reason, I guess I know why now... I need to be seriously immersed to...
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    [MOD] Super Turbo Lighting Mod

    I gotta be honest, this mod is super amazing! I installed it and I can't stop running around looking at the graphics, it's just jaw dropping... Almost makes me tear haha it's just so beautiful... It 95% reminds me of that good old 35 min gameplay video graphics, very close to it! Also forgot...
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    HOS references/easter eggs. . . .what have you found?

    Arrow in the Knee reference of course :P
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    Do we want Witcher 4 ?

    In a few years down the line I actually would like to see W4... It could just have us create our own Witcher, creating the looks we want him to have + a first name so basically we would be called Master Witcher/Witcher/Last name Witcher (Kinda like Commander Shepard) , this way some people get...
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    Triss Merigold of Maribor (All Spoilers) Resurgence

    Oh thanks a lot! So I see those few appear only after Isle of Mists and all, was hoping for something before that too :P What about Yen? Is Kaer Morhen the only new segment?
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    Triss Merigold of Maribor (All Spoilers) Resurgence

    So what changes have we got exactly? I can't seem to find a list of either Triss nor Yennefer places with additional dialogue...
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    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt -- 16 free DLCs for everyone!

    Sweet! Hope many are being added...
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    Patch 1.07 coming soon to all platforms!

    Hmm I didn't play Witcher for a week now or so, I got 2.2 GB patch on steam, it's not this 1.07 one right?
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    Patch 1.07 - Changelog

    More curious about the bug that hard crushes you to the desktop every time you fast travel from Skellige to any other place outside of Skellige...
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    The Witcher Store is here!

    Thanks... Rather trust an official store though than random people who buy it on purpose to sell for more.
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    The Witcher Store is here!

    When are we getting new medallions in stock? :( + New shirt designs... Or different shirt colors for the current designs...
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    So time guess at the last 4 free DLC.

    You clearly aren't familiar with the lore and the world so much... The fact that you can easily get rich in game doesn't mean it is so lore wise. Lore wise, Geralt barely earns anything and spends it rather fast, would never be able to afford a house.
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    Wolf Gear announcement yaaaaayyyy!!

    Yeah I was also hoping Wolf gear is the starting gear just upgraded... Meh :( Wolf gear looks like Lambert's gear, doesn't fit Geralt in my opinion... Overall quality is there though of course, does look very detailed.
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    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt -- 16 free DLCs for everyone!

    To this I can say... Hot damn...
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    The Witcher 3 Ruined My Gaming Life....

    Sigh... Afraid not... Only expansions obviously, can't wait for them... Maybe Mass Effect 4? lol... Doubt it will scratch 1/3rd of TW3... Plus sci fi... No fantasy RPG games I know of coming out anytime soon unfortunately.
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    the "what are you doing? killing monsters" quest from the trailer

    Spoilers: When you do the quest with Lumbert, during a conversation there are 2 options... Can't really remember which ones those are but one of them triggers that funny part :P
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    The Witcher 3 Ruined My Gaming Life....

    Feeling same here... Can't play anything but Witcher now... Finishing the game was such a huge hit... Took days to recover and still in process... Really an amazing game, and it's the first time ever I started a second playthrough of a game right after I finished it for the first time. That...
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    List of changes and cut content from the May 2014 leaks (copied from Reddit)

    But above all... It would totally be epic...
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    How is the game near perfect on Xbox and a mess on PS4?

    Not really... Both their hardware is crap and is very old even by today's standards... No idea why they even released those consoles with such old and weak hardware... (Well I do know why, $$$...)
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