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    XP Curve Ruin my game and experience, please read.

    I feel a bit of the same. Not to the same extend as you are - maybe because I play on Death March, but yeah I'm always a few levels ahead of the main quest. There are also some strange things like a level 11 quest you get in Novigrad, that requires you to go to Skellige, whereas if you follow...
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    The Yennefer/Triss choice in TW3

    Yes, Triss was really great (and that dress at the ball :drool: ), and it was really really difficult to not say... what you know ;) I really did like what Geralt said at this point , even though her sadness was apparent and I felt a tiny wetness in my eyes... Now I just adore how they nailed...
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    HOTTEST WITCHER 3 GIRL: Yennefer vs Triss vs Ciri vs ???

    A bit young but I was also disapointed that nothing happened with the Van Attre twins. C'mon you must have thought about it! "Hey she's really fun, strong, cute... oh my god AND she's got a twin sister???" Maybe we'll meet again in Toussaint :hmm:
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    Anyone found any Rebis?

    Good to know, thank you. It is even more frustrating for me because I distinctly remember finding a merchant selling it, but at the time I was too poor and didn't need it so let it go. And now I just can't remember where it was :facepalm: I've revisited all the small villages in Vellen to no...
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    Can we please get an inventory tab just for potions?

    I agree that potions and books/papers should be separated. Note though that you don't have to equip a consumable item to use it, on a pad highlight it and press X / square. Don't remember what it is for keyboard. Yeah it took me a while to find out as well ;)
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    Alchemy formula location guide?

    Alchemy formula location guide? Is anybody aware of a ressource on the net when you can get the location of the enhanced potion formulas? I usually don't look up such things but I just realized that when I bought a bunch on superior formulas, the enhanced formulas disappeared, even for those...
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    Enhanced formula disapearing once you get superior versions

    Enhanced formula disapearing once you get superior versions Basically all in the thread. I noticed (too late) that when I bought the superior formula for some potions without having brewed the enhanced version first (because I was lacking some ingredients), the enhanced version disapeared...
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    My beard has stopped growing and that makes me sad.

    Same thing here actually, sorry. It just seems that time spent fast-travelling and meditating doe snot count toward growing the beard ;)
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    My beard has stopped growing and that makes me sad.

    Same problem here. I just shaved my beard manually for the first time, clean shave no haircut change in Oxenfurt, and I'm afraid it won't grow again. I've fast-travelled across the map twice, meditated at least 10 days, still clean-shaved. Not game-breaking but sad, that feature was a nice...
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    Leveling System

    You don't need every skill for every fight, so don't be afraid of having more skills than you can "equip". I like this added degree of preparation, it's just a shame that it forces me into this painful joke of a menu... It would be great if you could make two pre-sets loadouts (like, one for...
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    Witcher 3 Anticipation Thread (Group Therapy)

    2 minutes for the 1.3 GB. My computer is not that great, but at least my connection rocks :p
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    Witcher 3 Anticipation Thread (Group Therapy)

    Wait for it guys, it is probably still unpacking. Mine is, in any case. Don't trust this "play" button, check your downloading status ;)
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    Witcher 3 Anticipation Thread (Group Therapy)

    It is just past midnight the 19th from Spain to Poland friend :) (just not in the UK because they have to be different from everyone else of course :p )
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    Witcher 3 Anticipation Thread (Group Therapy)

    Oh yeah, something's happening!!! I can't believe it. Now to pray Melitele that my computer won't melt.
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    Witcher 3 Anticipation Thread (Group Therapy)

    Isn't the patch supposed to be bigger than 270 Mb? Nothing on Steam, on any case.
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    Witcher 3 Anticipation Thread (Group Therapy)

    Just finishing re-reading the "Voice of Reason" passages in The Last Wish while listening to Beltaine and drinking some nice wine from Toussaint. My mind and body are ready! It's still a bit more than an hour though :cheers:
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    Combat in The Witcher 3

    Oh right I forgot that the higher the difficulty, the less xp you receive. Hi Death March indeed. I am a bit concerned however by reviewers mentionning they finished the main quest around level 35 or so. Hopefully there are some higher level stuff in the world (since the cap is 60 I think?)...
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    Witcher 3 Anticipation Thread (Group Therapy)

    Whoooo, so close ! :victory: Playing Invisible inc. and re-reading The Last Wish today, plus 2 movies this evening to keep me busy. Tomorrow work, then evening class until 20h30, then time to go home, eat, watch the new episodes of Orphan Black and Game of Thrones, and that should bring me...
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    Wondering if any Anti-Piracy Game Measures have been put in for TW3 ?

    Every game get cracked eventually but the important point of anti-piracy measures I think is that it takes some time, and then the hassles of updating cracks to follow new patches etc. Thus I am a bit concerned that those playing the game for free will apparently be able to do so as soon as the...
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    Personal Storage chest ingame ?

    Apparently you can just drop stuff on the ground, nobody will ever pick them up and they won't disappear (at least on ps4).
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