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    CD Projekt and Optimus S.A. have signed a letter of intent

    Maybe we should buy CDP first :DGood luck!
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    The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf Announced

    No its not cancelled, its on hold. More details in the Rise of the White Wolf new section ;)
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    The Witcher Adventure Card Game soon available in Spanish and English!

    Oh lovely!Have you guys also thought about running an online version of it?
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    New adventure coming – Entrapped

    Looks very interesting, will give it a whirl :)Does it have voice overs?
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    [ACT I] Torches

    A torch is a weapon, equip it.You need to kill the trophy before killing the beast.And you are in Act I not II.
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    [ACT II] A Ghost Story

    You have to enter a particular house to find her. She's not just any half-elf on the street.
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    [Act V] Minimum level at game end?

    Actually you do. I was at a loss where to spend my bronze and silver points before I modded the talent points.
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    Hard on EE completely different from Hard on Regular Witcher?

    It helps to play normal first and focus on the timing rather than the visuals, and then apply this to Hard.Or just start on hard and being that this would then be the first you know, it should be easier to learn.I would recommend running about Act I at night killing Barghests and getting your...
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    [Act V] Minimum level at game end?

    I think anything above 32 handles just fine.You usually end epilogue with 26-39 when you do minimal grinding.
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    The Witcher Version 1.5 Coming Soon!

    Great news, always good to see more support for projects :)Can we hope for some bug fixes too though I wonder?
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    Enhanced Edition (EE) Questions answered here

    A quick forum search using the search function directed at this and/or the tech forum only would quickly have answered your question. I suggest that you make use of it before starting new threads.And yes, it is save-game compatible.
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    [GERMANY] - Deutsche Hexer Taverne: Klein Mahakam

    Glückwunsch Petra, sieht echt wie ein Wanderpokal aus :)Ich denke mal Licaon bekommt ihn als nächstes :D
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    Key zu kurz

    Sorry, meinte 28 stelligen.
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    Bekomme die Erweiterung nicht ans laufen

    Außerdem bitte nicht deinen eigenen Post reporten nur um auf dein Problem aufmerksam zu machen! Die Report funktion ist nur für fragwürdige Inhalte!
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    [ACT II] Complete Walkthrough of Vizima Confidential

    You can try loading a save from before entering the tower.
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    Turning off profanity filter

    Certainly works both ways :D(and yes, please respect the filter - the game might be for over 18s, but the forum is open to all above the age of 13, especially the Versus section. We don't want CDPR to get sued by angry parents now, right? :))
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    Game won't start after patch Instalation!.

    Post Errlog and your dxdiag. Also read the FAQ and get the EE hotfix.
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    Sapkowski in TOP 5 of David Gemmell Legend Award for Fantasy

    Sapkowski should be happy that CDPR brought his works out to the world and won him so many recognitions since. Maybe he will not be quite as grumpy when asked about The Witcher game in future interviews :D
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    Welcome Thread [Archive]

    Well, the only way I know of to get those merchandise are competitions and helping Mobi :)Welcome everyone, play nice and enjoy yourselves!
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    What's that?! [QUIZ]

    Guiness book of records? :D
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