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    Dragon Age vs the Witcher

    I've now played DA:O and DA:O Awakening several times through. I usually do this in marathon sessions between projects and semesters. It so happens that winter and spring breaks are just long enough to allow me to play and still eat!I have tried 3 times to create a "Geralt" character for DA:O...
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    I'm not a great technical gamer - I like story and atmosphere and just enough difficulty to make things interesting. You can set a difficulty level at the beginning of the game - I played through first on the mid-range level that lets you use all of the signs and potions without having to rely...
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    The Witcher as Poland's Ambassador

    The Witcher as Poland's Ambassador In the past week or so, many have commented on the fact that The Witcher has introduced them to both 21st century Poland and to Slavonic history and folklore. Playing the game made me much more curious about my husband's Carpatho-rusyn heritage and led to the...
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    The Witcher: Outcast Cancelled Add-On?

    The story sounds interesting - and from the associated files it looks as if they had begun to render the characters and main settings. Maybe some of this storyline will appear in TW2?
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    Environmental Combat with physics

    I can see that a lot of great ideas were posed in the original thread. Each of the signs would allow Geralt to use the environment to maximum advantage, allowing for much more subtle responses to threats. In the TW2 in-game sequence, for example, he could use Igni to fire the area that they are...
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    Concerns about TW2

    I know that this was OT, but I wanted to let you know that this conversation sparked a very good discussion with my 14-year old son (he was reading over my shoulder). Sometimes OT can be relevant and very helpful!
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    How to make the best in-game forest ever?

    I too loved the village. It reminded me of my great-grandparent's home village. I spent a great deal of time just exploring (and fighting!) just because I loved the feel of walking from the village to the fields, and then playing in those fields just as I had done when I was a child. This...
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    Polish President's Plane Crashes - 87 Dead

    There is no answer to the question that you ask. I can only say that the people of Poland are a living, breathing model for how a society can stand together and be true to its highest principles at the moment when it matters most.
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    Your Favorite Witcher Sign

    My favorite is Aard. Then Igni.
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    Polish President's Plane Crashes - 87 Dead

    My condolences to the people of Poland. This is an unimaginable loss for everyone. You have my heartfelt sympathy.
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    Should our save from TW1 influence on story in TW2

    Darn! I hoped that I had fixed that before anyone saw it!
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    My condolences to Poland

    Please accept my condolences. The loss of so many leaders is a terrible tragedy for Poland, and for the entire international community.
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    Should our save from TW1 influence on story in TW2

    I hope that this will not be a blank page, but rather a continued unfolding of the outcomes of choices made in TW1 as well as in 2. I'm glad to learn that there probably isn't any technical reason why a TW1 save (with all of the data about his choices) couldn't be imported into the new engine.
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    Should our save from TW1 influence on story in TW2

    I would like to import at least one of my saves of Geralt TW1 into TW2. Since I assume that it would be pretty hard to import from the old engine into the new, is it possible for the new engine to generate a character based on info imported from the old?
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    Welcome to the new!

    I like the design. I encourage CDP Red to continue to innovate. It's what you do best, and you do it well.
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    Geralt's look... always updated with new appearances

    The original rendering of Geralt, both body and face, is quite erotically fascinating - and I thank you very much for making it so! The new rendering captures what is best in the old and makes it much more realistic. The eyes in particular are compelling (so please don't change them!!!). This is...
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