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  1. AKBLT-25

    Developers console size smaller when I use DLDSR

    Hello. I want to use console commands with developer console (I guess its calling like this) but when I use DLDSR its size getting smaller than normal resolution there was no issue like this in old-gen so this should be related next-gen update could you please update developer console size for...
  2. AKBLT-25

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is coming to the next generation!

    I don't know second answer of question but about second one I heard it will support DX12 because it will add Ray Tracing and like you understand for Ray Tracing it should support DX12 as far as I know.
  3. AKBLT-25

    [Lighting Mods] STLM 3.0

    You can check TookaFace's TookLighting (its enhanced version STLM) also if you want to check my YouTube channel I showed TookLighting many times. For example: TookLighting: My videos: E3 2014 Style Graphics Mod Video E3-Like Swamp Video...
  4. AKBLT-25

    NG+ item codes in NG?

    Check this website I'm using mostly W3 console command from there
  5. AKBLT-25

    About Selecting Turkish Language

    Hi firstly I want to say my English not in expert level but I wanted tell an issue about selecting Turkish language on Steam (I don't know if this issue is a common issue) but when I wanted to open CyberPunk 2077 in Steam everytime I must select my language in options by the way 'this selecting...
  6. AKBLT-25

    The Vladimír Vilimovský UI Project

    Thank you for who working on this beautiful UI mod, you all did best UI mod! :) by the way @KeeperOTF sorry for ping but I wanted to say apologies for wrong description words in my video again : )
  7. AKBLT-25

    The Vladimír Vilimovský UI Project

    @paulscotttt sorry for ping but is that hype train sound? Because Vlad HUD's author spamming this kind of message for a while you're trying to say something, perhaps? : )
  8. AKBLT-25

    The Vladimír Vilimovský UI Project

    Oh, take care mate I didn't knew you're working on healthcare sector I hope this virus problem can resolve in next days, healthcare professionals like you can they have time for taking yourself :)
  9. AKBLT-25

    The Vladimír Vilimovský UI Project

    Is this mod still working in progress? I just wanted ask if the UI mod will still release, when its done? I'm asking because after the last update been a while :/
  10. AKBLT-25

    The Vladimír Vilimovský UI Project

    First *BEEEP* sound, now *Cough* sound I guess this one should some secret messages for some news : )
  11. AKBLT-25

    The Vladimír Vilimovský UI Project

    This is so much looking awesome I hope this 'beep' sounds meant more good news coming anyway thank you so much for your effort guys you are doing incredible work on this Vlad HUD mod :)
  12. AKBLT-25

    Save-Game Request Thread: Searching for a specific save-file? Try here.

    Hi your mentioned save file there and you can find all importants storyline parts in that save game file:
  13. AKBLT-25

    Menu help please!

    I don't know but maybe this mod can work on this issue: (Custom Localization Fix) after that may required use Script Merger I should say that.
  14. AKBLT-25

    The Vladimír Vilimovský UI Project

    Yeah I know Vladimir's HUD and UI requires too much work but please do not leave this project and thank you for the your amazing effort and quality works :)
  15. AKBLT-25

    Modded game not launching.

    You need this one not mod limit adjuster;
  16. AKBLT-25

    Gallop Dust mod conflict to other Roach appearance mod. Is it merge possible? or standalone?

    You should use the this mod I'm advice to you because it's better than Gallop Dust mod and before the install you should delete scripts folder to inside the folder if you don't want to change horse controls; Besides this mod getting that: ''when you...
  17. AKBLT-25

    A Question Adrenaline Rush Mutagen 'Red Line Effect'

    I know you're bothering that but I'm very greatful about that thank you so much for that :D
  18. AKBLT-25

    A Question Adrenaline Rush Mutagen 'Red Line Effect'

    Hi I just wondering is there any way to disable Adrenaline Rush (New Mutagen) Red Line effect? I meant that red lines; 1562746883 A helpful friend (Koala) helped about this thing and I want to share with you that fix; Adrenaline Rush Red Line Fix (If I can't share the link please tell me I can...
  19. AKBLT-25

    [Help] Increased Draw Distance Not Working on Steam

    Hi, I want to play with IDD but it's not working so I meant IDD options works in game but does not affected. For more understable I want to show you 2 screenshot in game; Without Increased Draw Distance; With Increased Draw Distance Mod; Things to know; I re-install the game but nothing...
  20. AKBLT-25

    The Vladimír Vilimovský UI Project

    Looks better than E3 HUD in my opinion. Thanks for the your effort guys : )
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