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    Five Golden Joystick Awards for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt!

    Well deserved. Congratulations and thank you to the entire team at CD Projekt RED. You rebels you!
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    Expansion Set - will there by a physical version also?

    Probably not. Distribution is pretty pricy and I doubt it holds up with the low price of the expansions, as opposed to full priced game.
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    New gwent cards in the prologue

    The wording in the patch notes are a bit ambigous. It simply means that you can purchase the cards from the prologue at the mercant now. Otherwise they would be unobtainable if you didn't play Gwent during your days in White Orchard. There are no NEW Gwent cards.
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    Collective_1 claiming my video of Priscilla's Song.

    No need to claim Fair Use since it is within CD Projekt Red's video policy: Sometimes it might get a bit grey area with licensed songs in a game, but Priscilla's song is an original composition. You definately can dispute it linking to the video policy above.
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    Quest: All Gwent Cards

    There isn't a list in-game, so your best bet is finding a fan-site which lists them all.
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    Quest: All Gwent Cards

    The 1.04 patch notes mentioned adding Gwent cards to the merchant in White Orchard that you save way in the beginning. I'm assuming that they're those cards.
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    List Your Favorite Easter Eggs!

    I wondered about that too, but sadly not. Mini-spoiler:
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    Novigrad mainquest doesn't reward XP?

    Are you playing on PS4? Might be a known bug then:
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    Gwent: Old Pals question

    Precisely. I imagine you'll be able to play him then.
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    Blackcoughs blacksmith

    Had the problem with a few blacksmiths, yeah. Saving and loading the game fixed it for me.
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    Gwent: Old Pals question

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    Patch 1.04 for PC out now!

    Doesn't have anything for me. I hope not, though I'm curious about the "additional" word used in the patch notes.
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    Can't find key from cage in Velen

    Same here. When I returned at some point the merchant was gone. Some time later he was back in the cage again.
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    General TW3 questions

    They've said you definately CAN miss out on content if you skip side quests and only do the main quests. NOT doing some side quests will affect the main quest and at some point the side quests will become unavailable. No clue on which, where or when.
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    Free Roam

    Haven't played it yet, but I assume you need to go through the White Orchard prologue/tutorial area's main quest before you're let loose on the world.
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    A Night To Remember CGI trailer.

    One thing though: At the end he gets out the ol' trophy hook, but collapses or has second thoughts as she turn back into human form. In the morning he doesn't bring the decaying head with him nor does he retrieve the hook as far as I can tell. I'm thinking they just added it in as a nod to...
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    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt opening cinematic at Golden Joystick Awards

    Well, so was the Sword of Destiny trailer I assume, so it's not like we're completely out of the loop.
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    The Trail

    If that means...
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    The Trail

    Come on...
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    The Trail

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