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    Guide: Mod limit fix

    This is amazing! Cheers to you @sedmelluq :cool:
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    LD3 Update and Toussaint wip

    This look amazing. If you could also make the "E3 font" optional, that would be great. It didnt go very well with some languages.
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    Overcoming the Mod Limit (maybe)

    Sorry, what is the Wolven kit?
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    The Vladimír Vilimovský UI Project

    Wow! This looks amazing!
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    Oh, the irony...
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    Thank you all for your hard work! I started my new playtrough few days ago. Last week it was Killing Monsters trailer armor, today its E3 HUD - this getting better and better :)
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    [Lighting Mods] STLM 3.0

    Just wanted to ask.. Have you been discussing the overexposed braziers and candles and torches at night ? Is there any solution how to fix that ?
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    [MOD REQUEST] Geralt "Killing Monsters" Cinematic Trailer Appearance

    No, it does not. Viper_Joe you have a lucky day, just yesterday Crashman1390 released this amazing Viper armor modification Been playing few hours with it and I can tell you that I don't wanna come back to vanilla Viper armor.
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    [Mod Idea/Request] Add Dark Outfits from Witcher 2 as DLC

    No Title If someone would manage to port this armor from TW2 to TW3.. that would be great.
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    Overcoming the Mod Limit (maybe)

    Thank you very much for detailed describred, will definitely try out, one question though. What about buffers0.bundle, how should I handle with these? Should I move them to ModXYZContent aswell?
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    Overcoming the Mod Limit (maybe)

    Would someone kindly make a video tutorial for this? It would be very appreciated.
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    [Mod] Real Lighting

    Velen day time looks great! Cant wait for release to trying it out
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    Ligting Deluxe 3.0

    Do you think you can recreate Touissant same as it was before you accidentally deleted it? It was perfect!
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    Ligting Deluxe 3.0

    This Touissant looks amazing! Hope you will eventualy release it and it will look exactly as on these screenshot - look perfect atm.
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    The Vladimír Vilimovský UI Project

    Stunning! Can't wait.
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    [Mod Request] E3 Hud

    Looks amazing guys!
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    [MOD] The Butcher Of Blaviken - Lore Friendly Geralt

    Man this mod really grew. Looks really good, Im gonna try this one out on my next playtrough. I especially like E3 2014 trailer look. Can you also turn off the HW next time you will post some comparsion screenshot for complete authenticity? Keep up good work!
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    E3 2013 and W2 scabbards.

    Oh my god! This is out for SO LONG? Damn, I was waiting for this for eternity and it was out all the time. Thanks for pointing that out
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    [MOD] The Butcher Of Blaviken - Lore Friendly Geralt

    This is shaping up very nicely! Definetely gonna try this out.
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    A quick and rough guide on replacing/editing animations...

    Thanks for this tut, I was just about to dig in animations by myself, this is going to be very useful!
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