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    TW3 General Feedback [SPOILERS]

    Havent been here for a long while because of fear of spoilers. Anyway just have to say that im impressed by how much you guys work for us with all the updates. You guys are the best :) anyway dunno if you will keep making patches and updates but i had a few nitpicks. For example whenever...
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    [DISCUSSION] Witcher 3 - Reviews

    Reading the spain ign review right now, has it been translated or explained by someone already? if so just gonna say that its a good counter to the english ign review. really convinces me that the guy form the english review didn't know what he was talking about.
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    [DISCUSSION] Witcher 3 - Reviews

    You know, even though i hate kotaku and its SJ Ways, i have to admit it but that probably my favorite review by far. Its filled with spoilers and it stinks of SJ morality. but it mades some interesting points and even was pretty fair to the game. then again It also probably spoiled the best...
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    [DISCUSSION] Witcher 3 - Reviews

    his reasons where all over the place. Bugs and glitches. combat too streamlined for his tastes. and he didnt like all that sex that it had.... so yeah.
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    [DISCUSSION] Witcher 3 - Reviews

    I bet its just that CDP didnt give a bag of money to the reviewer. :P Very subjective. keep in mind he referred to the main quest and not the sidequests . which he loved. i get the feeling that he didnt dig the main quest all that much because he wasnt much of a fan of Ciri or couldn't quite...
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    Mention three things you look most forward to:

    The plot. its a direct continuation of the novels more than anything else. Characters. Not just Ciri, but also Yennefer, triss etc Exploring the huge world ---------- Updated at 02:07 AM ---------- Wait what? Geralt will have a full piruette dodge?
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    Witcher 3 News [LINKS & DISCUSSION]

    Again PC manual link isnt working for me , can anyone give out a working link?
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    Witcher 3 News [LINKS & DISCUSSION]

    link doent work for me can anyone give another?
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    Any chance of Conan review The WItcher 3?

    it was funnier and better than i though. Also surprisingly conan loved the game. although probably it was payed advertisement. Still have yo say once again that CDP is amazing, once again listening to every suggestion and thread in this forum.
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    Difference between pc and ps4 version

    Gonna give you a redpint just because reading you post makes me feel smarter for choosing PS4 :P
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    [SPOILERS] Just finished all the books, questions for the returning players

    well here is a bit that you miss if you didnt play the 2 games. but you probably follow it if you watch the flash back animated videos . and the recap videos
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    Witcher 3 News [LINKS & DISCUSSION]

    WHAT A BUNCH OF SCUMBAGS!!!!! F*CK THEM! hope nobody ever buys from them again .
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    Witcher 3 News [LINKS & DISCUSSION]

    Welp as someone whos gonna play on PS4, im gonna say that im more than happy the graphics.
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    Witcher 3 News [LINKS & DISCUSSION]

    Am i the only one that now instead of feeling excitement and happiness at seeing a new w3 gameplay video. feels mostly agony now? Your mind screaming "GOD WHY ISNT IT MAY 19 YET!!!??"
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    Ciri Fan Art Thread

    Brilliant. Cri looks so pissed that she tripped and fell. And just challenging anyone to laugh at how clumnsy she is.
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    FREE DLC and EXPANSION PACK ideas for devs to ponder :)

    expansion of either brokilon or cintra
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    2nd PLAYABLE character confirmed as Ciri

    So? wikipedia is shit, they constantly confuse terms. like i said what you described is a mcguffin. not the same as mary sue. That she is powerful means nothing. many characters are incredibly powerful. Achilles from the illiad was very powerful and amazing, was he a gary stu? no because he...
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    2nd PLAYABLE character confirmed as Ciri

    Again, no. a mary sue is not a character who is important to the plot and factions. Thats a mcuffin. a mary sue is more is a character who is beloved by everyone by just how wonderful and amazing he is. Ciri was not beloved by everyone. alot of characters found her annoying brat in the novels.
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    2nd PLAYABLE character confirmed as Ciri

    No it doesnt. she is importqant for the plot IE a mcguffin not a mary sue. a mary sue is a character without flaws not a character with special powers. Ciri has character flaws.
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