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  1. UgzAube

    Judy romance update/expansion/DLC.

    Hi all Judy fans, I would like to say to you all, Happy New Year (yes a little late I know :whistle:
  2. UgzAube

    Patch 1.23

    Bah tout simplement que ça diffèrent selon les personnes. Certains ont des bugs que d'autres non pas et vice-versa, c'est pas nouveaux. Le but étant de satisfaire tout le monde.
  3. UgzAube

    [Spoiler Alert] About the endings

    With "le" and "fou" I should have suspected it, but now that I have just heard that you were French (or at least French speaking) It's especially nice on the English forum. Because we will admit it there are a lot more people than in the other languages. :beer:
  4. UgzAube

    Judy romance update/expansion/DLC.

    When there are tears, there is hope.
  5. UgzAube

    Judy romance update/expansion/DLC.

    It is true that the fact that the majority play with V male, must play in favor of Panam. Otherwise both are 50/50, I want to say. I also allow myself to dream, thinking that if CDP put this poll, it is because they are preparing something related to romances. How naive I am :coolstory:
  6. UgzAube

    [POLL] V's partner

    Of course: Judy forever :3 But don't worry guys, Panam is also a good character. :beer:
  7. UgzAube

    What are your favourite quotes/lines? (Possible Spoilers!)

    "Goodbye V, and never stop fighting"
  8. UgzAube

    Judy romance update/expansion/DLC.

    Magnifique :love: This is only my interpretation, but I like the fact that we have a view of the starry sky, when this image corresponds so much to what could be the sequel to the Star ending.
  9. UgzAube

    Judy romance update/expansion/DLC.

    It's amazing choom. I also hope that somewhere, people from Cdprojekt, see what the fans are doing to bring the game to life.
  10. UgzAube

    [Spoiler Alert] What is the best ending for you?

    Star + Romance with Judy : Not only does our Romance end well, but in addition we leave with the two people who wanted to leave NC. And it gives me the impression that V has decided to let go of these futile ideals, to stay with the people who love him.
  11. UgzAube

    Judy romance update/expansion/DLC.

    If ever they don't release anything on Judy, I don't even dare to imagine the tidal wave that will befall CDprojekt. Let them try and you will see that the controversies around the games following the bugs will be nothing compared to what the fandom of Judy will think. I have nothing against...
  12. UgzAube

    Extension and Point of no return

    Hi everyone I was wondering about the possible extension of the game. To begin with we have a point of no return, before meeting Hanako, several scenes follow, until the moment we choose the end and after having done it, we are back at the entrance of Embers . But suddenly, if the extensions...
  13. UgzAube

    Why cant you keep your girlfriend and stay in the city?

    Because this city took everything from them and they no longer have any attachment to NC. Unlike Kerry and River, who have their lives and families there. I can even understand why Judy or Panam are leaving us in the Sun ending: We may have only 6 months to live but we prefer to waste them for...
  14. UgzAube

    To all people experiencing troubleshootings after patching: maybe you should do a fresh install ?

    Does that mean having to start all over ? Or is it possible to uninstall the game while keeping all its saves ? Because I don't want to make a mistake and lose my run ... I play on Serie X.
  15. UgzAube

    Judy romance update/expansion/DLC.

    Pull yourself together, choom ! Since when do we lose hope in the Judy Express ? Chances are we could be disappointed of course. But we must not be discouraged. We've been talking about this for over 100 pages, and given Judy's popularity, of course we'll see him again. And at worst if it's...
  16. UgzAube

    Judy romance update/expansion/DLC.

    Tell yourself that the more time passes, the closer we get to the DLC. So has possible answers to our questions. Besides nothing to see, but have you noticed that since the 1.2, the word "Relic" appears on our 6th skill ? Isn't all this exciting, Choom ? :cool:
  17. UgzAube

    Team Judy ou Panam ???

    Il a free, il a tout compris.
  18. UgzAube

    Judy romance update/expansion/DLC.

    Don't worry choom, in my opinion (like most of the people on the forum) the leaks only feature small free DLCs (cosmetics ...). I think for large expansions, they still have to wait. The positive point is that between that and the patch 1.2 which should not delay any more. CDprojekt seems to...
  19. UgzAube

    Judy romance update/expansion/DLC.

    There are so many ways to have a great mission that includes romance ... whether it's secondary or not. Just imagine as DLC : You're with the Aldecaldos and Judy. After running away from NC. But suddenly you see survivors of the Arasaka attack. Who to hurt you and take revenge, decide to...
  20. UgzAube

    Anyone knows whats up with this man?

    "I've seen things you people wouldn't believe... Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion... I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate... All those moments will be lost in time, like... tears in rain. Time to die."
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