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  1. gungrave1337

    Patch 1.1

    Check back in 2022
  2. gungrave1337

    So is the entire game going to get a massive overhaul?

    No, they are apparently proud of what they delivered. LMAO.
  3. gungrave1337

    Cyberpunk 2077 — Our Commitment to Quality

    they are apparently proud with the game they delivered on PC, so prolly never.
  4. gungrave1337

    [Spoiler Alert] About the endings

    Best written ending is The Devil (going with Arisaka). Best overall ending would be the secret ending - going in solo through the front door, surviving, and taking Path of Glory end. Rogue being alive in the Afterlife made things feel so much better.
  5. gungrave1337

    Cyberpunk 2077 is too short!

    Many quests ends in a whimper. I tracked and killed 17 cyberpsychos and for what.. a text message from Regina? LMFAO.
  6. gungrave1337

    Cyberpunk 2077 Lost 79% of its Players in the First Month

    I have 2000 hours in Dark Souls 3. CP2077 just has no meaningful gameplay to be worth going through it again to experience it with different builds/weapons etc.
  7. gungrave1337

    The lack of 3rd person view

    Animations are so barebones that it will look like something from 2003 even if modded in.
  8. gungrave1337

    Open world games are a mistake!

    The game would work so much better as a closed off hub world, like Mass Effect and Deus Ex.
  9. gungrave1337

    If romance DLC becomes a thing who do you want to have added?

    real, uncensored nudity how CDPR promised, and then then went back on their word.
  10. gungrave1337

    What may be included in the big patches in Jan and Feb?

    couple of millions refunded will teach them the right lesson
  11. gungrave1337

    What may be included in the big patches in Jan and Feb?

    I want them to have the balls to return the game to its mature rating and reverse the censorship on nudity from all areas of the game. But i guess that's not happening with the new dark side CDPR.
  12. gungrave1337

    Insider info from CDPR - Development timline (TW2 - CP2077)

    Yeah, this reads exactly like cookie cutter EE corpo business as usual. Doesn't make it any less shitty.
  13. gungrave1337

    Hotfix 1.05

    Since that patch dropped, even minor traffic collisions would one shot me. Kinda very annoying.
  14. gungrave1337

    Hotfix 1.05

    Literally did nothing for my 3700x and was never supposed to do anything on 8 core and above.
  15. gungrave1337

    Hotfix 1.05

    Yeah, waking in the shower with my pants on axed any immersion i had right there and then. Strip clubs with fully clothed dancers, come on, Saints Row was better than that.
  16. gungrave1337

    Save files are corrupted

    Refund while you still can. I am still waiting for response on my request from GOG, 6 days later..
  17. gungrave1337

    Hotfix 1.05

    It's not just in photo mode and 1st person.. the whole game has being swept, sex ads, nudity in strip clubs and night clubs.. all censored now. Makes the settings option kinda pointless at this point.
  18. gungrave1337

    Hotfix 1.05

    Instead of correcting and removing the censorship on nudity, you are doubling down? Not what the community want to see. I will give CDPR one more chance to fix this before claiming my refund.
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