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    Saves games getting deleted?

    Saves games getting deleted? Hey guys, this is something that's been happening for a while, but i hadn't noticed it, so i can't say how long exactly, or if a patch did it, or what's going on. In it's most literal sense, my saves are getting deleted somehow. I've been playing W3 since June 2015...
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    Forum - bugs and errors

    I have my browser forget history on exit, and i run CCleaner every now and then. I really don't want to change it to remember history. Sadly, this is the only site/forum that does this for me. But for the sake of experimenting, i will change the setting now and report back. EDIT - ok, so after...
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    A Few Quality-of-Life Suggestions

    Yes x 100! There seems to be 2 things that each faction can do, but i'm not sure if this is a special ability, or leader, or what... Also... 1) There's been things happen that i'm sitting there thinking "What the hell happened and why?" So some kind of prompt to the side of the screen...
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    Round starters

    It all depends. I prefer my opponent to go first, as this gives you some idea as to how things may go. But I generally prefer to put down a standard, plain old nothing-special card just to get the ball rolling.
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    Losing connection while playing

    Losing connection while playing I've had this message 3 out of 5 matches in my brief play-time with gwent. I tried the game yesterday with a friend, and they sent me an invite. Both matches I got disconnected. Today, i received a message that my opponent got disconnected. I'm in Australia...
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    Forum - bugs and errors

    Yep, same, still. Been happening for eons. Every time i go into the age restricted ones, it asks me for my age. Every single time always. Partly why i hardly ever post. Happening with both Firefox and Internet Explorer. Both updated to most recent version.
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    Roach his tail is missing

    Yep i know. It didn't do a thing. My Roach was invincible. But i uninstalled and re-installed the console, and tried again, and this time the command worked. And omg i felt so terrible doing it! She just lay down! :( But she came back with her tail! So yay! So for me, killing Roach did work. I...
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    Roach his tail is missing

    My Roach's tail is still also missing. Before the latest patch, everything was going fine till one time when i called her over, and no tail. I'm in Velen, and she had her tail there till that one time, and nothing I've done has brought it back since. I do have the debug console (there is only...
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    Heart Of Stone Griffin Treasure Bug

    Heart Of Stone Griffin Treasure Bug SPOILERS! Hi everyone, haven't been here in a long time, but i'm hoping someone can help me with this 'quest'. I say it in inverted commas, as i know it's an actual quest (or was one), but nothing actually triggers for me, so i'm not sure what it is. I'm...
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    Did you start a new game because of 'Hearts of Stone'?

    I had finished W3, and then started NG+ just before HOS was released. But when it was, I downloaded and installed it, and yes there are a few dialogue differences, as in what you can reply or ask. Though so far, I've had about 3 of them. I've just got to Skellige. But it was nice to see that the...
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    Why did this game have to be open world?

    To be honest, I'm still deciding if this is a serious thread or not. If you don't like exploring, then don't. I am excited about a peasant house I can now go into. Just as I'm excited about exploring the whole world, because it's all so superbly done. Don't know anyone who buys W3 then...
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    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and CD PROJEKT RED awarded 3 times during The Game Awards 2015 in Los Angeles!

    Well, I wrote in the other thread, but I will write a few words here too. No one else deserved to get GOTY or Best Company, to be honest. I feel like these days, CDPR is the only decent company, who actually care about both their product and their customers. It's so sad seeing what's happening...
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    Five Global Game Awards 2015 for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt!

    They deserved every single award they received. There is no game like W3, and no company like CDPR. Thank you to everyone at CDPR. You've single-handedly made my gaming year. You should all be damn proud of yourselves. Please never change, keep being your awesome selves, and making these...
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    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Twitch stream and Q&A with

    I know I'm seeing this a little late, but I wanted to watch this, but it doesn't play for me. It's just a black screen. Are there any other links? Edit - ah, never mind... just IE didn't want to play nice. Seems to work in Firefox. Wonder why...
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    The Witcher 3 and CDPR Appreciation thread

    I really have no words to describe how i feel about Witcher 3. I run out of adjectives to describe it's awesomeness. I think, it's one of the best games ever made. And CDPR is the shining light in the world of bulldust. The game is amazing beyond words, and CD deserve every accolade and congrats...
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    Can't import Witcher 3 in Galaxy, it wants to download whole game

    When i said 'from GOG', i did mean the GOG website. When i said 'from Galaxy', i mean the actual Galaxy client. I have Galaxy just to try it out, and it makes life easier seeing everything you have and don't have. It's been perfectly fine till now. I tried to point Galaxy to the Witcher 3...
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    Can't import Witcher 3 in Galaxy, it wants to download whole game

    Thank you for your replies guys, really appreciate it :) I did a little more investigating on my own, and the game actually works if i start it directly from the .exe (on the SSD). Everything works as normal, all is well, even mods work perfectly. So the game does actually work and run, and...
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    Can't import Witcher 3 in Galaxy, it wants to download whole game

    Can't import Witcher 3 in Galaxy, it wants to download whole game Apologies if this is the wrong places, but i simply didn't know where to post this. And since it's to do with Witcher 3, i'm hoping this may be ok. I'm having lots of issues with Galaxy. I recently bought an SSD, and i wanted...
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    Why are black horses PURPLE?

    Yeah, it's something I noticed from the start. Black horses weren't truly 'black'. But I've also seen this is other games. So it leads me to think that maybe it's got something to do with that black is a hard 'colour' to get right the subtle different tones and shadows that you see in real life...
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