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    Please Help Me Get 'The Witcher Save Editor' Working!

    Hello, Welcome to the forums, the Sephirot stones....I remember posting on these forums about something similar to this. My first play through of TWEE it was fine but I played it again and experienced the bug with " Vizima Confidential " and Raymond ( he actually gives his stone at some point...
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    This game should be rated down, DICE GAME! sucks hard

    And this is most of the reasons of why people have such problems with games, They Buy a new game, what-ever it maybe, and instead of just installing it and playing it for what it is.... They have to get on and constantly Wiki stuff, so.....afraid that they will miss something. The designers of...
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    This game should be rated down, DICE GAME! sucks hard

    Wait Wait Wait a second........... Dice Poker in TW1? I thought that was Yatzee. :) I liked the second version as well it made you actually think about rolling the dice too hard, and maybe off the board if you weren't carefull. Cheers!
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    CD Projekt RED in the future

    Good Evening All, Very nice discussion here I'm enjoying what I am reading so far, I Will have to agrre with Kyrienes' last post about Bioware "Being " one of the greats, and hoping I am not taking the comment out of context, I'll use my experience of DragonAge as the example. When I purchased...
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    CD Projekt RED in the future

    Hello Gang, .Volsong. Yup I agree with you there definitely too much " Red-Tape " for that to truly happen and in all honestly I would much rather see CDP-Red produce original content, but hey, I can still dream what it would be like :)/>. That comment...
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    Will TW3 have AMD-specific tech?

    GoodDay All, I have to say I am a AMD user and have no real complaints thus far except for maybe the Driver updates for Amd, however they " Seem " to be getting better as of late. I am so comfortable with AMD now that I would find it really hard to switch over to Nvidia. Honestly I don't plan...
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    CD Projekt RED in the future

    Are you kidding me, your reply to that post is that?, Sure there was a lot to read but when it comes to a topic like this how can one say a lot of stuff in 1 or 2 sentences. I see these types of comments a lot on other forums as well, when people actually have to use their brain a little bit...
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    CD Projekt RED in the future

    Good day, If I could get CDP-Red to create another game based on an old story line, I would love to see what they could do with the old " Dragonlance " Saga. Of course this would never happen but based on what they have given us thus far, I could only dream what that series would look and play...
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    The very very first screenshot of The Witcher

    Hello All, Opps!!!! Thx for the heads up E. The trials and tribulations of having multi windows and forums open at the same time, heheheheh And I would have posted a screen shot to but yours was pretty close to the one I remember, I believe Simaq posted the one I remember similar to your...
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    The very very first screenshot of The Witcher

    Hello All, My First Video that got me hooked for TW1. Cheers!
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    Things you DON'T like about CDPR and their games.

    No I totally get it, my reason for that particular comment was for those " parents" that may buy a game for their kid(s) and then later trying to Bitch about it after. At least this way, if the parent chose to buy a Mature themed game for their child who is under the age it is rated for, any...
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    Things you DON'T like about CDPR and their games.

    GoodDay Everyone, Now this is a very interesting topic, I will have to agree with the over use of profanity. Not sure why CDP-Red chose to over do it but it's there and we have to deal with it, maybe in retrospect this is why they used Mature so much. Let's be honest how many parents truly...
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    Optimal configuration?

    Hello Glennen, Welcome to the Forums, I to went through my issues with the GOG version of this game, just wondering....Did you allow the game to choose your settings based on your system? I did this and then lowered the settings and then bumped them up a little at a time tell I got a balanced...
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    Clean Swords

    Hello All, I'm liking where this discussion is heading, however if we are going to try and get the devs to implement this in TW3 then I would say, either code it that " We "the player have to execute the cleaning, When , Where, and Why and how many time. As I'm sure many of us have done...
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    Should Witcher 3 feature a junk section in inventory or not?

    Good Day Everyone, Hmmmmm............ Seeing how CDPRed is giving us a game where choices matter I would have to say that it would be an interesting idea to have us decide either to travel to a vendor to sell off the excess weight, or have the ability to conceal the overflow Via canvas...
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    Geralt and Substance abuse

    Hello All, Didy answered my question even though I didn't/can't read all the books. The OP query is based on his/her's game play and not the actual stories. If one chooses to use potions most of the time in game then I guess you could be considered an addict. However, wasn't there something...
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    Graphics vs visual/art style

    Hello All, This is a very interesting discussion, and having played both I have to say I enjoyed both very very much. However.....if I had to explain how they each made me feel when I experienced them I would have to say it in this way. CDPRed and the designers were able to give me a great...
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    Would you use torrent protocol for downloading TW3 updates?

    Hello All, All I can say to this, if people feel the need to get updates from seeders then you'll have to except what little extras you may get in the process. My updates will be done the old fashion way I hope...... if it takes an hour to get them from " Official " sources then so be it...
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    can`t activate TW 2

    Hello Dragonbird, Sorry didn't mean for anyone to feel like I was changing the subject, that wasn't my intention, just wanted everyone to know, New people and forum mods alike that even though these things did/do work it just seemed like the " Easy Button " is pushed a lot, and there wasn't...
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    can`t activate TW 2

    Hello DDC, and Josh, Welcome, I would just like to add/ask, I did a fresh install of TW2 Collector's Edition ( DVD ) approx. 1 month ago ( And I had To do The Activation ) and I had no problems with it auto updating that first time install, but then something happened to the launcher and then a...
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