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    Anti Aliasing a lot worse in v.1.04

    same here. Since i use GoG galaxy (great tool) it auto patches in the background, if my texture quality is on low i know i just got updated :P
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    Anti Aliasing a lot worse in v.1.04

    No issues here
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    NEWCOMER RECOMMENDATION: do not play before reading the books

    Id have to agree, i didnt read the books, but read a lengthy summary (? if thats the right word) on the backstory and lore before i started playing the witcher games. Without that im pretty sure i would not have understood what the big deal is with the wild hunt, and why i would care so much...
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    Witcher vets - is this the norm?

    I usually carry some repair kits with me (seem to find em everywhere), i only use those when on extended trips. I tend to come trough towns often enough, always quickly checking the blacksmiths for materials, diagrams etc. My advice/suggestion to CDPR would be: Make it easier to craft repair...
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    Is the game safe to purchase now?

    Go for it. I got the game on PC and in my week of playing it only crashed 3 times. twice on the same day, doing the same thing (alchemy in menus - they patched menu stability now) Granted i do use the exact same hardware (or near enough) they have been using in livestreams and pre release events.
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    Does The Witcher regenerate?

    Just finished the game the other day (just short of 80h played, had it a few days early on console now on pc) And AFAIK generic monsters/mobs respawn, quite quick actually within a few in-game days. Same with generic bandits. Although the bandit camps and caves don't regenerate loot, you'll...
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    Endings Guide (Work in Progress, Spoilers)

    Not a 'free' north, a redanian north under dijkstra. Sadly there is no truly free north to obtain anymore. Either the empire from nilfgaard rules all, or Redania. (either under a madman or under a shadowy ex-spy) Dijkstra is most likely the most neutral option for all parties involved...
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    Never in the 16 years I have played videogames have I come across a more buggy, unpolished and broken mess of a release

    I wouldnt take this out on the game.. a blue screen is an indication you might be dealing with either a hardware problem or software based malfunction. Not every game will bring this out. You have these tools, minidump analyzers, they can read out the logfiles blue screens leave behind, give it...
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    Endings Guide (Work in Progress, Spoilers)

    I went for: Ciri lives and becomes a Witcher Nilfgaard wins the war, with temeria becoming a vassal state Triss romance I cant help but feel that it is a very weak twist to make radovid mad, i would have loved to back a normal Radovid with the remnants of the temerian army (natalis, roche)...
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    Everyone dissapears after finishing the game??

    Zoltan is there as well, he is outside on the wooden stand behind the dancers in my game, think his location is bugged. Can still talk or play cards tho. Eskel, Lambert and Keira (in my game) did announce they were all leaving, so it makes sense not seeing them anymore. But yeah bit of a...
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    Bug for quest Count Reuven's Treasure- Help!

    I had the same bug! On PC, it seems however all platforms have this issue. Luckily i have played quite some RPGs so i always try to make manual saves every hour or so (no overwrites) I lost about 2 hours of progress, and a lot of gwent cards because of this! A note for CDPR: On the Count...
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    What's wrong with Triss Romance Scene

    Just finished the game with over 100h clocked. I must say the Triss romance is the most dissapointing thing is this game for me. Apart from that the best RPG i've played in years! 1) Without a choice in the matter you always break up with her after the witcher 2 takes place and before Witcher...
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    A compendium of tweaks and fixes for the PC version

    Dont know if its been asked before, but on my rig the GoG version isnt detected by Nvidia Geforce experience or the Controlpanel, is this because the EXE is not released yet? Or do y'all have a tweak for that
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    XB1 Version looks worse after day 1 patch

    Locking framerate to 30 isnt going to solve the problem, both builds (XB1 confirmed) have a framepacing issue, this causes the framerate to appear juddering almost like microstutter in dual gpu set ups. So in a way it looks alot less fluid than it actually can be. Now the patch did bring the...
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    Twitch Stream PC version with patch!

    So for a game to be full price it has to be absolutely amazing in the graphical department? So being a story driven open world RPG that has been praised by pretty much every reviewer and early adopter out there means nothing.. I could care less about the 'downgrade' i will be getting immeresed...
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    XB1 Version looks worse after day 1 patch

    If i didn't cancel my PS4 pre-order due to performance issues, i'd rather have them downgrade it a bit, solid FPS without framepacing issues is more important than some AF to me..
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    Twitch Stream PC version with patch!

    Even on a stream where alot of filters, post processing and IQ get lost due to the low bitrate.. i must say PC version does look crisp and more..solid than the console versions. Not to mention Foilage, light trough trees and Shadows are extremely well done.
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    A little concern about PS4 perfomance (polite discussion only)

    Posted this yesterday in another thread as well, the PS4 version looks absolutely gorgeous, screenshots and streams don't do it justice. . however the performance is sub par, and in my opinion not acceptable for a game that is about to be released. Performance wise the majority of your game...
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    If it's already finished.

    CDPR shouldnt cater to retailers that break the streetdate.. although i do agree that IF you managed to get a physical PC ed. early you should be able to play..
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    #NVIDIA gpu chart for settings | claims 980 -> uber with gameworks ON

    4k is just OTT.. ive seen it with my own eyes friends with titans or SLI 980's its just overkill. It sure does look nice, but the cost vs 'value' ratio is way off if you ask me when it comes to the investment of reaching a stable 4k setup. I mean a titan x is more expensive than some peoples...
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