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    Probabilities for legendary/epic cards when opening kegs

    Huh? No need to apologize. Sorry if I sounded rude or something. Getting 3 legendaries in a row (actually 4 as I opened another legendary-holding keg the next day. heheh...) felt just so absurd even though I knew it was possible. I was so used to my bad luck :P Hmm this could be true. At least...
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    Probabilities for legendary/epic cards when opening kegs

    ^ Yes, I understand what you're saying. I am still interested in hearing how much good stuff people get for how many kegs approximately. In some other card games I've tried probabilities are stated but it seems they're not yet known in gwent [sniff]... Also we can't rule out possibility that...
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    Probabilities for legendary/epic cards when opening kegs

    Probabilities for legendary/epic cards when opening kegs I've played over 50h and I'm currently at level 28. I've earned all kegs in game (using ore) without using real money. In first 50 hours I got zero legendary cards. And I opened lots of kegs in my opinion. I think I got one epic per 8...
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    [BUG?] 2x commander's horn in collection but only 1 in deck builder

    [BUG?] 2x commander's horn in collection but only 1 in deck builder As the topic says. Is this intended or a bug? EDIT: I wandered into Gwent card database and it seems that the playset of this card is only 1. The playsets could be more clearly explained/shown in game, though.
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    Witcher 3 music

    I played yesterday the witcher 3 and noticed a background music in at least one of the Skellige's island that I haven't heard before. At least it's not in the soundtrack? Maybe it was Faroe's island. If somebody know what theme I mean, could they put a link to it?
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    Do we want Witcher 4 ?

    I'd love to play as Geralt again. The witcher 4 could be bunch of short stories from past, present etc. There's is no need for grand world-is-in-danger kind of plot anymore, but still there would be much to explore in the universe. And I loved how the Hearts of stone felt. Say like 10-15 that...
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    [SPOILERS] What's your opinion on Hearts of Stone?

    Ahh, I too loved the expansion. So mysterious, so different from other quests. What I really loved was the feeling that the world is living and having meaningful happenings apart from the main story. "maybe stories like this are happening all the time in the world" - The world doesn't move only...
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    Auction painting aka Avid Collector quest

    And now I'm too at the point where this mystery man just... isn't. Would really love to get some money or anything as that one quest took me 5000 orens...
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    [PC] - Keyboard - Esc. key bug

    Today it didn't work, but hmm last tuesday it worked. Between that I haven't played. Haven't noticed any Galaxy updates.. my current game is 1.11. I do know i can exit menus by pressing the X in the corner or by pressing the same key (In inventory by pressing "I" again). But those wanted...
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    [PC] - Keyboard - Esc. key bug

    I'm having an esc key bug too. This is a new problem that occured today. I can't resume to game from game menus (map, inventory...) by pressing esc, I also can't resume from zooming to a certain notices such as wanted posters (this is worst as i get stuck). Pressing esc doesn't bring the main...
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    Roach mane is still gone in skelige

    weird.. I noticed this problem after the patch 1.11.. also.. I'n not using any mods
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    Roach mane is still gone in skelige

    I'm too having a bald Roach. Playing the hearts of stone in Velen atm.
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    A few questions about The Witcher lore

    I'm not sure about the books but in the game there are a couple of cave trolls being pretty domestic in nature. Helping to guard something etc.. Also Ciri was working with an unicorn at some point during the book but dunno if that would be called taming... more like co-operating. And of course...
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    Is the Doppler Mutagen missable?

    The game does not want you to be a heartless killer as doppler decotion is not necessary for completing any quest. You can decide to be heartless killer or not to be. I think it's fair to have these kinds of decicions. My friend kills about everything just to get these mutagens but I spared the...
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    The fall of Reardon Manor (spoilers) / Velen

    I ensured to let him alive before starting TW3 - by playing a new ending on the release day. I have hard time to believe I could have missed the right save file during the import.. GhostJR: I imported the saves...
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    The fall of Reardon Manor (spoilers) / Velen

    The fall of Reardon Manor (spoilers) / Velen Hello. I'll go straight to the point... I learned that one could meet Letho in this place/quest but despite that I ensured I left him alive in TW2 I didn't bump into him. Nor did I find him in the houses afterwards... Is it possible just to miss him...
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    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Video Game Compendium

    Can somebody clarify if this is the same as "the witcher universe: compendium" which comes with the third game (as stated in the official website)? Are there any differences? It seems this one is hardcover but is there any difference content vice?
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    A Night To Remember CGI trailer.

    Apparently glittering vampires can also be made in a really cool way :P Just loved the trailer. It had the special mythical feeling like the witcher 1. The lullaby was beautiful in every way <3
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    The Witcher Store is here!

    I wonder if that World of the Witcher limited edition is excatly the same as in CE or does it have something more?
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    What would you like to see in CDPR's online merch store?

    I want to see SWORDS. Good quality life-sized replicas around two hundreds euros or so :P A witcher's silver sword would be superb.. ...Aand artbooks from the witcher 1 (and W2).. ...Really big and good-resolution maps of the world And some people may like: "lilac and gooseberries" perfume ;P
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