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  1. devivre

    Mods broke my Witcher 3!

    Uninstall the game and manually get rid of all traces of it (except for save games of course). Also make sure there are no traces of the mods left on your PC. Then reinstall the game (it’s probably best to install it to a different folder than before).
  2. devivre

    Why the person above you should be banned

    ^Ban for not appreciating other people’s ideas
  3. devivre

    Do we expect new Gwent trailers with homecoming?

    I don‘t have any reason to not expect a new trailer. We‘ll see what happens and when.
  4. devivre

    Why the person above you should be banned

    ^ Ban for pretending to know stuff
  5. devivre

    Why the person above you should be banned

    ^ Banned for making me crave for cupcakes :D
  6. devivre

    Connection Issues: Public Beta

    Strange. In general, normal Gwent should work fine (only PTR Gwent won't work, because PTR is already over). Did you also try restarting Windows and GOG Galaxy? Sometimes that does the trick. Make sure nothing is slowing down your connection too much and that your AntiVirus software is not...
  7. devivre

    Netdecking Discussion [Why is everyone doing it?]

    The thread doesn‘t just deal with netdecking in ranked. And there‘s no need to start a new discussion for this topic, especially not with Homecoming happening so soon.
  8. devivre

    Netdecking Discussion [Why is everyone doing it?]

    Well, once homecoming is out there, you should be able to experiment a bit more in casual, since the meta is not established yet. Moved you to a thread where you can find more insights on this topic.
  9. devivre

    Witcher 3 PS4 Themes

    I don't know if it's possible, but you can suggest it to CDPR support:
  10. devivre

    Do you like a random in Gwent?

    Yeah, I don’t mind a bit of RNG. It can be a lot of fun and still require some thought.
  11. devivre


    As annoying as this must feel, it’s not necessarily a bug, otherwise the board would be full of recent complaints in regard to that - the PS4 version usually is the same for everyone. Most of the time, issues like that seem to be connected to worn off controller buttons. Trying a different...
  12. devivre

    Gwent HomeComing ignored Bug

    CDPR is aware of the issue, but as you can imagine: there‘s currently a lot to work on and lot of feedback to process. Once the game is finished, hopefully issues like that will be gone.
  13. devivre

    Cannot download gwent.exe

    I see. Well, it’s best to go to and get it from there. (the PTR version of Gwent can also be found on GOG) GOG Galaxy is the Download Client for GOG games: Easiest way is to install and play the game with...
  14. devivre

    I have PS4 Witcher 3 disk and want to buy digital DLC

    Create a new Playstation account and select Russia as your region.
  15. devivre

    Textures / Shadows Flickering

    You can also reach out to CDPR support and let them know (even of the suggested workaround should do the trick)
  16. devivre

    I have PS4 Witcher 3 disk and want to buy digital DLC

    Yeah, on PS4 the disc version of the main game does support the digital expansions. Also see this thread:
  17. devivre

    Connection Issues: Public Beta

    Moved you to a thread with some more ideas. But you can always contact CDPR support here:
  18. devivre

    Dear CDPR- Can you please keep the Homecoming PTR available?

    CDPR will need some time to improve the game with the feedback they have. During that time I don‘t see that much advantage in keeping PTR online. For the developers it will take some time to implement all changes and during that time we‘d just be testing a version of the game that isn‘t up to...
  19. devivre

    HC: First Impression (Poll)

    Done :)
  20. devivre

    Open PTR is live!

    But you did download the PTR client ?