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    Almost finished (my humble opinion)

    Yeah, Main plot is in my opinion pretty weak(not side quests). Also by putting open world into your game, you loose the streamlining you could use to improve storytelling experience. It is just impossible thing to do and it is one of the things you have to trade if you want an open world game.
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    The Witcher 1&2 Remakes?

    I am enjoying both games without remaster. It is a) not needed to play the game b) wasting resources that studio could put into development of other game c) with red editor out there might be attempts to recreate these games in TW3.
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    It's Geralt. Not Gerald.

    I thought he is called Gervant...
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    But I will never wear a [low-cut dress] again, Geralt. Never.

    Does it really matter? Really worthless dlcs anyway.
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    DLC 7+8 out now

    I mean...I expected it this way but I am still sad how meaningless most of the dlcs are. The gwent one was the only one I got excited about and we get a stupid skins...for real...for real?!
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    Thank you RED, Incredible loot reward system..... kind of goes to me all game that way. I got like 3 relic swords in my whole playthrought that were usefull to me and none of them lasted longer than 1 hour.
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    Such an uninspired disappointing story

    So what? My point is that Eredin is just flat out bad dude trying to invade TW world. Nothing else...the game does not show anything else with him, does not try to expand his character into something more, just typical bad guy. To compare with grandmaster he turned out to be Alvin who was told...
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    List Your Favorite Easter Eggs!

    I liked Little red hood beign warewolf at the same time.
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    Whats your opinion on cheating?

    I say play the game like you enjoy it. It is single player experience so only person who matters is you and noone else. None can tell you what is bad way to play because if you ruin some experience to someone it can be only yourself. I for instance used infinite inventory mode and I have to tell...
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    Missed Zoltan Gwent card in the Prologue, lost forever?

    I believe you can put that card in your inventory with help of console.
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    Such an uninspired disappointing story

    I agree that TW3 main story is pretty weak and here are few points why. -first half works well enough as introduction to various side quests and all three regions so I am ok with it but second one is just full of cliches and final fights -when people were saying that Vesemir will die I was...
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    TW3 General Feedback [SPOILERS]

    -Scaling system sucks balls. I recieve only underleveled gear all the time...can not really enjoy new loot.(maybe it is just because of highest difficulty) also it makes zero sense that you get lvl 15 sword while finishing lvl 20 contract and lvl 15 sword after killing lvl 10 bandits. It is just...
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    Problem with Gwent? Getting owned by the AI? Want some tips? call: 0800-SCORCHED

    Maybe someone could try to go to Larvik and tell me whether they won something there?
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    Problem with Gwent? Getting owned by the AI? Want some tips? call: 0800-SCORCHED

    Gwent-are some of the traders/smiths bugged? Simple question. Usually if you win in gwent you recieve gold and card or gold and some stuff. Some of the npcs provided me just gold when I beat them first namely alchemist in cemetery church near Novigrad and all 3 npcs in Larvik(I think it was...
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    Beautiful timelapse in The Witcher 3

    Most important detail...Geralt has classic TW1 hair!
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    Mention three things you look most forward to:

    1. getting Witcher 3 from delivery company 2. opening the box with it and installing the game 3. playing the game
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    What about Tattoos?

    Wait and you will see.
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    “RAGE & STEEL” - new brutal trailer - is now LIVE!

    Very generic and unnecessary trailer.
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    Witcher 3 News [LINKS & DISCUSSION]

    So what?