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    Something needs to be done with Skellige

    The SK thing has gone way too far. It is not normal that half (or more) of the games are agaisnt SK. And the reason being is quite easy, they can thin to zero with no issues at all. How come, or better said, who thought it was a good idea to remove Blacklisting and then make a faction able to...
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    [BUG] Jutta in Mirror Matches

    Jutta and Dimun Deploy: If Jutta and Dimun is the highest unit, damage self by 6. In a mirror match, if the opponent has played Jutta, and it has above 12 points, if you play yours it still damage self by 6. Basically the game can't distinguish between different Juttas.
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    Bug involving Naglfar and Weavess: Incantation

    The title says it all. Naglfar: "Look at two random gold cards from your deck, then play one and place the other on top" Weavess: Incantation: "Consume a unit in your hand and draw a card" So if you play Naglfar and then play Weavess, the card not selected should be drawn after Weavess...
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    fMMR points calculation

    I have a doubt regarding fMMR points calculation. I've been playing with NG. When I started I had around 2460 fMMR, won 3 games in a row, got to 2472, then lost 1 game and lose 10 fMMR. So I would like to know how are the points calculated, because I fail to understand how can I get around 12...
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    Wild Boar of the Sea: Very balanced card

    I just wanted to point out that among all the broken cards in the game, it seems very fair to have a 10p card in a faction that can thin like no other, with 5 strength and a devasting deploy ability. How come this card is deploy? There's no means to counter it. What kind of testing did this...
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    Might as well look at what "random unit" means.

    I've been messing around with Nilfgaard reveal these days, and I notice something about "reveal a random unit". I don't know if it is flawed, but it happens very very often reveling the same gold card (I don't take into consideration bronzes since it might be two of them) 2, 3 or even 4 times in...