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  1. Rawls

    Dragon Age IV

    Taking this here so I don't hijack Kofe's thread. Nothing much official yet. Some wild speculation here:
  2. Rawls


    Hello all, With Thronebreaker now released, a few requests: 1. As a courtesy to others, please keep all Thronebreaker story spoilers in the Story Subforum - 2. If you post a thread that includes spoilers, please indicate that spoilers...
  3. Rawls

    Unofficial Demo Walkthrough

    Okay. So, this is most of what I think we learned from watching the demo, supplemented by stuff that’s been said in various interviews. Citations will be included when an article or interview is mentioned the first time, after that it will be cited merely by its number. They also give the...
  4. Rawls

    Interest in Community Co-Written Story

    @Suhiira @Snowflakez @4meg @BaalNergal @kofeiiniturpa @walkingdarkly @sv3672 @Trazon Hey everyone, so @Muffliato @SigilFey @Lilayah and I came up with the idea of co-writing a fan-fiction story based in Night City as a group and wanted to see if there was any interest from others in the...
  5. Rawls

    Unofficial Cyberpunk 2077 FAQ!

    Some of you look shiny-new, so we figured you’d have questions … everybody does. To help out as best we can we've created an unofficial FAQ! -What is Cyberpunk 2077? Cyberpunk 2077 is a single player story driven role-playing game being crafted by CD Projekt Red for mature audiences. It is a...
  6. Rawls

    Reminder on Forum Maintenance

    Reminder on Forum Maintenance Just wanted to give another reminder in case people haven't checked the news section here recently. There's going to be some Forum maintenance for a couple days starting June 5, during which time the forums will be down. Here's the original quote from Vattier:
  7. Rawls

    Detroit: Become Human

    Detroit: Become Human I'm excited for the release of this game. Has some really cool sounding science fiction themes it seems. Any body else looking forward to it?
  8. Rawls

    My Bad (Apology Thread)

    My Bad (Apology Thread) Felt especially bad this morning because I was playing a game when my son walked in the room and threw up (he was sick all night and woke up from napping) ... which led to me not caring about the game I was playing but rather his situation. After soothing and cleanup...
  9. Rawls

    Balancing Dwarves Deck in Mid-Winter Patch

    Balancing Dwarves Deck in Mid-Winter Patch Creating this for suggestions as to how to balance the deck since they're around 40% of the Meta. I have a few thoughts: 1.) Agitators should be Value 1 instead of 2 2.) Increase strength of Barclays Els to 5 and remove strength boost to target...
  10. Rawls

    Suggestion for Coin Flip Replacement

    Suggestion for Coin Flip Replacement So I feel like the biggest issue with the game's structural balance currently is the coin flip. I was trying to think of a mechanic that could replace it meeting four criteria: 1. Active player experience where some knowledge and tactics can lead to an...
  11. Rawls

    How should we investigate in Cyberpunk?

    How should we investigate in Cyberpunk? Personally I think witcher senses in TW3 were an effective but overly repetitive system. I think it would be interesting to discuss our ideas for how we can investigate any mysteries that arise within the quests of Cyberpunk 2077. I think it needs to be...
  12. Rawls

    The Wild Hunt: A Tale by Master Dandelion

    The Wild Hunt: A Tale by Master Dandelion Okay, so I've been doing a playthrough of the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt for a couple months now where I record the journal entries of main quests, secondary quests, contracts, characters, bestiary entries and etc with the help of witcher wiki...
  13. Rawls

    Articles & Interviews on Thronebreaker

    Articles & Interviews on Thronebreaker I thought it might be good to have a thread dedicated to articles that provide information about GWENT's upcoming single player campaign Thronebreaker. Here are a few to start:
  14. Rawls

    POLL: What Future Witcher Tales Would you Most Like to See?

    Suggested Story Campaigns (Possible Witcher game/book story spoilers) Hello all, What stories would you be interested in hearing from CDPR in the context of a Gwent game? Here are my personal suggestions: Neutral - Bloody Baron's quest to cure his wife (assuming they've survived TW3)...
  15. Rawls

    RPG Mechanics: Skill Progression and Roles

    RPG Mechanics: Skill Progression and Roles I have been pondering what the skill trees and player progression mechanics might look like in CP 2077. The mixing of roles and skills in the CP world makes in an interesting challenge. I thought I’d take a stab at something that tries to stay faithful...
  16. Rawls

    General Discussions Guidelines

    General Discussions Guidelines Greetings everyone, We have decided to post a few additional guidelines for posting in the Gwent forum. Posts or topics that don’t comply with the guidelines may be locked, merged, edited or otherwise managed by the moderators. To begin, by posting on the...
  17. Rawls

    Topic Titling and Feedback

    Topic Titling and Feedback Greetings everyone! We have noticed recently that topic titles are frequently nondescript or do not actually describe the topic the OP wishes to discuss - i.e. "just an opinion..." or "I have a question" or "CDPR Please Read!". Topic titles such as these do not inform...
  18. Rawls

    The Last of Us, Part II

    The Last of Us, Part II Confirmed. Here's the trailer: Discuss ...
  19. Rawls

    "Good game" Vote Mechanic Yes or No?

    "Good game" Vote Mechanic Yes or No? So I tried to make a poll and add it to another topic but had some technical difficulties. Whomp whomp. I'm creating this one as a substitute so people can actually vote. Discussion from the original topic can be found here THE VOTE: GG. Should it...
  20. Rawls

    Additional Factions for Release

    Additional Factions for Release I was wandering what other factions people thought would be fun to play? I realize were only in the beta working on these four factions, but it's still interesting. I think the obvious choices are Nilfgaard & Toussaint because we've met enough characters from...