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    Can you prevent Geralt from entering combat stance when running?

    No way around it unfortunately. When you're not sprinting in combat Geralt will always be locked on an enemy and move in combat stance: camera centered on target and strafes instead of walking forward in the direction you want. Since stamina regenerates slowly in combat if you try sprinting away...
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    I just found some real shit (mainly about TW1 and novels)

    That's one spot on description of Geralt if I've ever seen one. And in regards to your point, maybe that's the "bloody secret" in the Touissant DLC? Quote from the expansion pack "Blood and Wine, a 20-hour tale that will introduce the all-new in-game region of Toussaint, will take Geralt to a...
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    Yennefer Fan Art Thread

    Tits are too big dude. Otherwise a pretty accurate representation.
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    Uma [All Spoilers]

    They should add an alternate ending DLC in which Avallac'h opens the phylactery and curses Eredin to become an UMA and gives it to the Witchers as Kaer Morhen's court jester.
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    Can someone explain me the ending *spoiler*

    Afraid you won't find any clear answer to your questions, the events following Eredin's death are pretty confusing, maybe intentionally. From what I understand the second Conjunction is a side effect of Avallac'h opening a multi-dimensional portal in the tower so that Ciri can travel to...
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    TW3 General Feedback [SPOILERS]

    I like the questing system in TW3 a lot better than in the previous games. They're usually short, straightforward and most importantly I didn't feel compelled to finish them all. In the first game I reloaded a save almost 15 hours behind because I forgot to do the follow-up quest for the...
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    Djikstra's treasure - it's possible to recover it?

    You can't recover the treasure in game, but you can learn from Menge where it's located if you allow Triss to be tortured and ask about the treasure before asking about Dandelion. The extra information earns you some more Crowns but Djikstra will not help during the battle at Kaer Morhen...
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    Need tips about food shortage (also rant about merchants, armorers and blacksmiths)

    If you're getting honeycombs sell them to Tomira instead of eating them for health regen. She pays unreasonably well for them so you're better off using that money to buy more food that heals just as good.
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    How i get the conversation about Saskia with Philippa?

    I believe if you do all the Final Preparations subquests before doing Avallach's you're able to speak to her in the tavern, if you missed the opportunity you'll get another in Skellige.
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    How i get the conversation about Saskia with Philippa?

    I imported a save file with freed Saskia and got the dialogue as well but I don't think it's a bug. Philippa doesn't know whether you succeeded in lifting the spell or not. The way I see it Geralt wanted to be sure it worked and was trying to get it out of her. As for where you get the...
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    Eredin says 12 sentences during the whole game and.....

    No idea if it's fan made or cut content but it blew my brains out the freaking orbit. Not only does it make perfect sense it also adds some background to Eredin and makes me feel terrible for killing Jaques in W1. What a missed opportunity. Don't wanna even think about it anymore. Time to get...
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    Geralt is Askigng Me.. WHY??

    Tell him to meditate until it's out.
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    I dismantled my warrior leather jacket...

    I miss Raven's armor and the Vran / Elder Blood set. Best looking gear across all three games IMO. Most armor pieces in Witcher 3 that are not part of a set look pretty terrible actually. Like Shiadhal's Armor or the Thyssen one, they've decent stats but just look like something you're average...
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    Patch 1.07 coming soon to all platforms!

    Make Roach's updated movement behavior a toggle as well. I like my glitchy teleporting demon horse. Who knows he might even be a child of the Elder Blood himself.
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    Why i don't like the trophy and mutagen system, and how i would change it.

    Great suggestions overall. I also felt the mutagens and trophies system was lacking. Would love to see these new ideas implemented.
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    HOTTEST WITCHER 3 GIRL: Yennefer vs Triss vs Ciri vs ???

    If you compare both to the first Witcher it's downright abysmal. Really why can't my Geralt get laid for a a red shawl and some rings anymore? Edit: Forgot my vote, it's Rosa var Attre.
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    Reasons of State (spoiler for this quest) - Witcher code ... ?

    Check out this thread Edit: There's spoilers for the entire game so be careful.
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    Crones of Crookbag Bog (potential spoilers)

    Course they serve the Wild Hunt, they get their asses kicked by a girl with a sword and some zip-zap teleport magic. They don't stand a chance against an army of galaxy travelling elves. Hell I'd wager the Baron and the Witch Hunter's little army could have killed them if Geralt hadn't...
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    Eredin is really nothing in terms of difficulty, why are bosses so easy?

    Bosses are always easy. Difficulty often comes from getting there, either through well designed platforming meant to have you fail or waste resources you could use in the fight or from enemies or a good mix of both. Games that manipulate your save state to force you to succeed in getting to the...
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    Wolf School Gear Portal Question

    "Like laces on a battleaxe." It's just a detail. It'd be nice if they fixed it specially since I didn't like the whole backstory behind the Wolven set and that portal kept reminding me of it. It's just a couple scenes though so I don't think it even warrants asking anyone to do something about it.