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  1. quantum_number

    Only the insane need apply....

    [Image removed because of language]
  2. quantum_number

    Unicorn combo almost Auto include in every deck

    That Zoltan was meta in the early HC days. The one card I've never ever seen in all of Gwent is Falibor. The question: is that an actual card or did I just make it up?
  3. quantum_number

    And GWENT is uninstalled... sadly

    Actually there are. The achievement and contracts about playing three copies of a card in one Arena match. It feels more like a mockery than a tribute though.
  4. quantum_number

    Mulligan Update is live!

    Facing Sihil players that don't know what the patch did: Priceless
  5. quantum_number

    And GWENT is uninstalled... sadly

    Now they just have to adjust the TTK, fix the TTD that some people are complaining about, introduce new operators with unique abilities, rebalance some of the guns, add new guns, add more gadgets with diverse and interesting abilities and add more game modes. Wow, when put like that the game...
  6. quantum_number

    [UPDATED] Changes to GWENT’s economy and full mill value refund policy

    I understand that this has to be done for the game to keep going. CDPR have been very generous with the game's rewards, so no complaints from me on that front. However, what's up with the corporate doublespeak nonsense. "our economy slowly shifting toward directions that are not favourable...
  7. quantum_number

    Unit Mysteriously Moved to the Melee Row

    Don't name and shame. Since you opponent was NG, he could have used Emhyr to pick up Eskel and place him back on the melee row.
  8. quantum_number

    Epidemic/Scorch Need to be Capped

    I don't agree with the epidemic/scorch changes. Epidemic can be played around, scorch is 11 provisions and both can be bricks. I've been burned by Gigni once or twice and I've seen it on streams only a few times so I won't comment on that. Boosting enemy units is a great control mechanism and...
  9. quantum_number

    Removal is worse than ever

    Gwent (old one too) doesn't have control, it has removal. That's a bit of an exaggeration, I know, but with removal being so strong and cheap no one bothers with control. Gwent's main distinction from other CCGs is drawing a big hand and executing a game plan in accordance with those draws...
  10. quantum_number

    Does Sihil need a rework?

    The problem, if you would call it that, isn't Sihils/spears/shields/Eithnes/Schirrus, but being able to set up big plays on the same turn you execute them. The old Gwent equivalent would be playing Sabbath and Mandrake on the same turn. The current ST control deck is the biggest offender, but...
  11. quantum_number

    What the hell is this new ploughing version of Gwent?

    What I meant is that I don't see a reason for them to force one to conform to the other and vice versa. There isn't a lot of overlap between TB and HC mechanics. Most of the cards share the art but not the abilities. The two aspects of "Gwent" aren't even marketed together. They could have made...
  12. quantum_number

    What the hell is this new ploughing version of Gwent?

    That's the sad, since Thronebreaker is the only good thing to come out of this. It's obvious where all their effort and passion went. They couldn't or didn't want to make TB work with Gwent, so they made Gwent work with TB, thereby butchering the multiplayer part. And I don't know what was the...
  13. quantum_number

    Cards you find STUPID in Homecoming: The Witcher Card Game

    Viper Witcher - Bronze card that can banish opponent's golds straight from the deck!?! Remember when people were complaining about (very) old Donar?
  14. quantum_number

    Why the person above you should be banned

    ^Ban because I don't like men who turn me down
  15. quantum_number

    News about Homecoming gets delayed

    Long have we waited, now we jebaited.
  16. quantum_number

    Restore, Skjall, Veteran, Greatsword, Corsair... Skellige should be the CDPR's most favorite faction.

    They didn't nerf it to spite Aglais, Restore, along with Sigrdrifa and freyas, were nerfed because SK was resing Doregarays and carryover ekimmaras, which was annoying people to no end. If SK were to start restoring Roach, ghouls from Black Blood and muzzled vico medics people will cry even...
  17. quantum_number

    Arena Mode Special Mimic Ruleset

    Thanks. I assumed it showed the deck you get from the opponent which would be an unfair advantage. I played 2 games of the mimic arena before breaking the contract. I don't find it fun or interesting. If I wanted to play crappy decks, I'd jump over to constructed and build a deck out of half of...
  18. quantum_number

    Arena Mode Special Mimic Ruleset

    Does anybody know which deck the deck tracker shows: the one you drafted, or the one given by the opponent?
  19. quantum_number

    GWENT Homecoming — see what's next for GWENT

    I came across an interesting article about Mafia 3 and its devs, Hanger 13. Jason Schreier has a lot of these articles, but the reason I'm posting this one is because there seem to be some parallels with CDPR and Gwent. I find it...
  20. quantum_number

    2 rows instead of 3. Homecoming. [POLL]

    Wrong, it would be another mistake. Every time they've removed or changed core features of the game, it's come back to bite them in the ass. This is going to be a much bigger hassle than it appears to be. I was going to mention cards and archetypes that would be affected by this, then more...