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  1. Mauziks

    Just wanna ask about the sub dermal grip

    We see V paying for a subdermal grip But then she just puts her arm in a thingy that kinda just etches the grip implant in her hand So I wanna ask how did victor even get th..i dont even know how to ask the question If the sub dermal grip is just something a persob 'sews' onto his hand (provided...
  2. Mauziks

    Next game Steampunk 1850?

    Haha no
  3. Mauziks


    Flying with 100 km/h (don't care about miles) and then crashing into a building, causing no collateral damage seems a bit immersion breaking don't you think? Maybe cdpr should just make them exclusive to some missions or aerodynes should just act as a taxi for the player, i don't see how they're...
  4. Mauziks

    No pre order bonuses please

    It's a little early to be talking about this but please no pre order bonuses.If I'm buying something I want to know what that thing is ok? Alright bye xoxoxo
  5. Mauziks

    The Grand Theft Auto similarities are a little concerning to me

    Alright so I got a few suggestions regarding how cars in the game are handled 1.stealing a car and getting away with it shouldn't be easy 2.when you crash and you're traveling at a high speed you should fly out the window 3.taxis (?) 4.gta 5 grade vehicle customization 5. Aaah tf...