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  1. CybrisPunk

    How long or short do you think the advertising for CP2077 will be ?

    CD Projekt already did some of the bashing..
  2. CybrisPunk

    How much do you think CP77 will cost to develope?

    you can be right :) but the CP 2077 is bigger and newer and more ground breaking then GTA V (and they used a lot of GTA 3 and 4 for V) soo inflation, better devs (same as Witcher but more exp), longer production time, own engine.. i think they will beat that 270m with ease. but.... we just...
  3. CybrisPunk

    Cleaning a PC - Vacuum cleaners, air blowers, static electricity

    the only thing that can make noise in your psu is the fan. and it is prob. the ball baring that is broken. ez fix is to replace the fan. (4 ~ 15 eddies for a new fan)
  4. CybrisPunk

    How much do you think CP77 will cost to develope?

    CD Projekt has an annual financial overview. you can see what they spend and earn. (W3 is still making money but Gwent is the main income now) but my estimation is 1.5B (1.500.000.000) revenue and the total cost is 0.8B (800.000.000) so.. they have 0.7B to start on new projects (some of them...
  5. CybrisPunk

    What would Novigrad in Cyberpunk 2077 future look like?

    the whole USA is European.
  6. CybrisPunk

    Weekly Poll 1/28/19 - Endgame

    i didn't vote (yet). i would love to see (if it is possible) the option that when my first story ends. there is a new story where my first char is the end boss. And is just as strong as it was and just as smart (AI). and ofc.. i hope that the 2nd story is as big as the first.
  7. CybrisPunk

    Will Sony's Censorship Policies Affect CP2077?

    This game is 18+ .... if Sony want to make this 12+ then.. i think Sony will lose a lot...
  8. CybrisPunk

    How long or short do you think the advertising for CP2077 will be ?

    I think they will not do this: pre-order pre-release-vip-demo early access vip early access demo pre-order early access pre-order micro transactions .............. ..................................... ............................. ...
  9. CybrisPunk

    Would you like CP 2077 to have modding support?

    i want a Star Wars mod so i can play R2-D2 in Nar Shaddaa.
  10. CybrisPunk

    CURRENT Developer Answers to your CP 2077 Questions

    is it possible to make eddies with 'good' photo's? like photo's from a raid to sell to a news network or lovely ones to sell to a travel agency?
  11. CybrisPunk

    How much should Cyberpunk 2077 cost on release date?

    good post. and there is a 'region lock' option to sell the game for less then the standard price in 'the west'. region lock is a solution to not buy software in less developed country and sell it in the west for profit (but still under the MSRP). I think Steam has that option to. ps. my prev...
  12. CybrisPunk

    Building a gaming PC

    tnx all for the answers :) in the Netherlands we do not have to pay (on computer parts) import tax. but we do have to pay VAT (21%)
  13. CybrisPunk

    Building a gaming PC

    Question for USA folks. I am planning to buy computer parts for the upcoming cyberpunk game.. i know the specs are not known.. but i the question i have is not really related to the specs. Amazon USA computer parts are all priced without state tax and usa has no national VAT. so the question...
  14. CybrisPunk

    Cyberpunk Soundtrack

    We can not forget this remix "i remember my first kill... After it, i played this for days on repeat. I never want to lose that feeling so at least once a week i play this song... Omg! i love being Solo"
  15. CybrisPunk

    Weekly Poll 10/15/18 - Vehicles!

    25689 and 10 :)
  16. CybrisPunk

    Cyberpunk Soundtrack

    When you walk into a jazzclub and hear this after you had a rough day.. and then this
  17. CybrisPunk

    Cyberpunk 2077 Day vs Night and Atmosphere Thread

    a big building would take around 15 years from concept art to finish the build. And in Cyberpunk world there was a war and a lot of opposite interests that would slow down the urban development & infrastructure. So what cara2100 said; This looks good but to far in to the future.
  18. CybrisPunk

    Cyberpunk Soundtrack

    Sounds a lot like 'The Knife' love it. Good find!
  19. CybrisPunk

    Why the person above you should be banned

    ^ban this mod for having a Wheel of Time picture on the Cyberpunk forum