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    Cannot Use my Mouse Properly Because the Game Shows the Xbox Keybinding

    Seirously this bug is still here ? It's in since the 1st day of alpha...
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    Cannot Use my Mouse Properly Because the Game Shows the Xbox Keybinding

    Mouse/keyboard bug with hotas Is it possible to fix the bug when we have a hotas who disable mouse/keyboard when lauching the game. Seriously, this bug is in the game since day one alpha and still not fixed. The only solution given is to unplug device or desactivate joystick through device...
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    ingame very low fps

    ingame very low fps i have an issue with the game, it runs at 20/24 fps whatever i do. The gpu usage is near 2% (i have a 1080 gtx). I only manage to run it at 144 fps (i have a gsync screen) only one time but i didn't do anything for that.
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    Terraria vs. The Witcher 3

    next topic, potatoes vs cars
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    A compendium of tweaks and fixes for the PC version

    when i change GrassDistanceScale=1.5 to 3 or 6 to increase de distance. I have a bug with field. they pop entirely in 1 block instead of spreading like with the 1.5 setup.
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    texture streaming distance

    texture streaming distance Is it possible to increase the distance of texture streaming ? (to pass from low to high resolution texture). In novigrad, it's sometimes ugly I already play in ultra.
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    Witcher 3 Graphics... are good once you fix them.

    Are you drunk ? Actual build is way better. I'm playing on 1440p, extreme, ini tweaked and sweetfx. the game is way better than 35min gameplay, and better than VGX trailer. When i 've entered in the swamp for the 1st time it was just whoa
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    Game Freezing when browsing through inventory

    same problem here. Nothing during the 1st 10h game, but now it happen 1 time on 5 when i press echap on inventory.
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    Witcher 3 ReShade/SFX CT Graphics

    don't work for me too. the program said succeed but no change ig.
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    PC specs and benchmarks DISCUSSION

    i7 3930k O/C at 4,5 ghz + SLI 2X 980 gtx O/C on 1440p screen All ultra, HBAO+ active, Haiwork for all active, tweak in user.ini on shadow and draw distance 60 fps in many case
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    can't hide quest tracker

    can't hide quest tracker i can"t hide the quest tracker on the minimap. If i select off, it's still on on the minimap.
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    unlock via vpn

    lol think a little
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    Witcher 3 Anticipation Thread (Group Therapy)

    gonna play tomorow morning, 01h00 am release, need to sleep :(
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    PC specs and benchmarks DISCUSSION
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    PC specs and benchmarks DISCUSSION

    titan x is a shit card unless you go for 4k. 980 outperforme titan X on 1080p and 1440p
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    PC specs and benchmarks DISCUSSION

    i don't understand this benchmark. And only deutch bench ? seriously ? only deutch speak this language.
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    GeForce Game Ready Driver for The Witcher 3

    still no compatibility with DSR and Sli+Gsync :(
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    is there a recap in tw3?
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    Censored Version Identification

    with a vpn you can get the uncensored version
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    The Witcher 3 PC Ultra vs. Ps4 - no difference, downgraded

    U made my day. Compare screen vs twitch stream
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