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    Decided to quit

    Viper Witcher, Resurrect a Leader, in addition to that card called 'Raz Na Roog?" (the all row weather card), are ridiculously overpowered in function and strength. In fact, if I see anyone playing those cards - I now take my jolly time when it's my turn. I might even go make a coffee and...
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    The following cards have no business in this game.../...Match making

    The following cards have no business in this game.../...Match making Viper Witcher Whichever one Resurrects a leader Whichever weather card covers all 3 rows in a Hazard ...... Many others....! LOL....there is such an unfair advantage going on. You can defend your decision all you'd like but...
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    Why Many Players Not Giving GG

    I always GG - in fact, I've never not sent a GG. It's a video game, so many kids are getting pissy that their elite hand (that they copied from someone else) didn't win.
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    Why Many Players Not Giving GG

    Haha - ok, it just happened again. Here's a guy that clearly had more experience than I - he realizes he's going to lose, so he forfeits right at the end and doesn't GG. Such annoying little runts many of you are. I don't use netdecks and frankly I've never heard the term before, since...
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    Why Many Players Not Giving GG

    How annoying - 3 games in a row and they don't give 'Good Game'. We either need to make that graphic larger, or drop a banner when the game loads up to describe how nice it is, if you click that button. Some really rude people playing.
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    Matchmaking Issues

    Thanks for the very mature response :) Unfortunately I didn't have any cards higher than Imlerith, so I was out of luck and watched Imlerith progressively get stronger and stronger gobbling up my cards. Oh well.
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    Matchmaking Issues

    Casual Match balancing? So, here I am just starting out as of a few days ago and I go up against a Level 65+ Rank 'something' and I laugh at my chances. We play and I'm clearly toyed with but whatever. He played 'Imlerith something' - the card that duels the 'highest' enemy card. It comes...
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    Why Many Players Not Giving GG

    Banished? Ahh - I have much to learn.
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    Why Many Players Not Giving GG

    Scraps Come on guys - don't be so stingy with the scraps. Some of you just want to get on to the next game but don't pass along scraps. I find many of those guilty of this have some pretty high end decks. You must be impatient with my slower pace of playing. If that's the case - don't play in...
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    So Sick Of Point Spam, It's Unreal

    Maybe - just maybe, not everyone has as much time as you have on your hands. Thereby - Create exists in an attempt to level the playing field and make (or) copy other people's decks. It's not fair - but - neither is putting dozens and dozens of hours into a game, to steamroll over those who...
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    The Good, Bad & the Ugly (Public Beta - Gwent)

    The Good, Bad & the Ugly (Public Beta - Gwent) Edit: Grew a pair and used them.
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    Witcher 3 - Too long, for me.

    Witcher 3 - Too long, for me. I just can't do the RPG marathon's anymore. Yes, it's fantastic that you get so much content for the dollar, but damn - how much time do I have to commit... I think I'm going to go back to simple FPS games where I can plop an hour in here and there. End rant...
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    Dark Souls II

    Offtopic - Dark Souls 2 - glutton for punishment! :( I'm sure some of you have tried this game, but for the life of me, I'm getting my arse handed to me over and over...and over again. Repetition and patience (enemy placement/movesets) seems to be the name of the game, nevertheless the only...
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    Forum Problem: Have to enter Date of Birth twice.

    Forum Problem: Have to enter Date of Birth twice. Since before the Witcher 3 was released, this forum has required that I enter my D.O.B. twice. It's rather annoying and I've brought up this problem more than once. Apparently it's low on the agenda to have fixed?
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    Patch 1.07 - Changelog

    Soon - The professor will have all the exams marked 'soon'. I'm going to go fishing 'soon' I'm planning on participating in a 1/2 marathon race, 'soon' Oh here's a good one - I'm going to give up smoking 'soon'
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    Patch 1.07 coming soon to all platforms!

    LOL - thanks, I needed a good Wednesday morning laugh. Edit - I have 1 forum account. How many do you have?
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    Patch 1.07 coming soon to all platforms!

    3rd? Good grief, I've barely even completed 1/3rd.
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    Patch 1.07 coming soon to all platforms!

    Page 18 - I don't have the energy to scroll through and find if it's been asked. What are the alternative (optional) moves response for Geralt? Edit - wonder if that means optional toggle to 'auto dodge attacks'. .....Lol, now where's the fun in that. Might as well make a sandwhich while...
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    Problem for gtx 970 users?

    I have an EVGA GTX 970 FTW ACX 2.0 (Evga has far too many models...) I haven't had the problems OP speaks of. It runs smooth for me, with the vast majority of bells & whistles turned up, @ 1920 x 1080 Good luck finding your solution.
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    level 40+? it seems a myth to me..

    200mph gauge? Mine tops out at 150mph. (240 km/h). Although I'd be surprised if it could hit 130mph. I'd like your speedometer!
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