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  1. jay_dvrden

    i played cyberpunk too much and i made a rap song about Judy Alvarez ...

    It's called judy alvarez.exe and it's available everywhere lol feel free to post a comment
  2. jay_dvrden

    Cyberpunk Soundtrack

    Hi everyone My name is Baptiste also known as "JAY DVRDEN" i'm a french rapper/producer and i made a edm song with a Cyberpunk Vibes, i think the song can fit on Cyberpunk 2077, i'm really really serious the song have a huge cyberpunk vibes . Hope you will like it, the song is called "alt...
  3. jay_dvrden

    What annoying game design trends should Cyberpunk avoid?

    I hope they don't end like ea games lmao
  4. jay_dvrden

    Question on Pre Order bonuses

    do they plan to drop some DLC guys ?
  5. jay_dvrden

    Honest expectations?

    I think it's gonna be the game of the year , honestly i can't wait to play cyberpunk since gamescom 2019
  6. jay_dvrden

    Cyberpunk 2077 Difficulty Settings and Highest difficulty on 1st Playthrough

    i have a razer blade and i hope it will run it :(
  7. jay_dvrden

    Pre release reviews

    i don't know if i should buy it on gog or steam :(
  8. jay_dvrden

    Physical Appearance of you perfect V.

    i will make a goth girl hahaha
  9. jay_dvrden

    Cyberpunk Soundtrack

    i like this one
  10. jay_dvrden

    I can't wait for the game so I did a thing in the meantime

    I really love this one , should i have one for christmas haha
  11. jay_dvrden

    Cars you wish to see in Cyberpunk?

    i wish i can have the same car as blade runner :(
  12. jay_dvrden

    Welcome Thread [Archive]

    yeah nice
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