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  1. Allie-Wan

    Legendary clothing crafting spec not appearing on vendors after first visit

    I gave up on trying to craft clothes (for now). I hunted down every legendary schematic and there really weren't all that many and they looked like a$$ when i tried to match up an outfit. Try hunting down one of the existing sets of legendary clothes... at least they will match. (rockergirl is...
  2. Allie-Wan

    What games are you looking forward to?

    I enjoyed Jedi Fallen Order and i'm hoping for a romance between our Jedi and his Nightsister companion! If Morrigan & Leliana are in DA:4, i'll have to try it out but sadly; i've lost my faith in Bioware.
  3. Allie-Wan

    What games are you looking forward to?

    I'll hang with CP 2077 thru G.O.T.Y. final version but... Once "ME Legendary Ed." drops, I must go visit my bff Garrus one more time. Hmmm, I wonder if Ms. Lawson is still hanging out in my quarters; lounging around on my couch? If Starfield has mod support, i'll be all booked up for the next 5...
  4. Allie-Wan

    The lack of 3rd person view

    Sorry for straying off-topic but i do wish 'cut scenes' could have made the final version of the game. Though possibly an immersion breaker, the trailer of V. and Jackie doing The Rescue mission and seeing V.'s facial expressions looked wonderful!
  5. Allie-Wan

    What does it mean when i time description has a 'crafting spec' section?

    Great question. I'm guessing it means there is a schematic, out there... somewhere, available to be bought/looted.
  6. Allie-Wan

    Favorite DLC from any game?

    This game lQQks great! Is it still PoS exclusive? (asks the HEX-box user ;) ) Looking at the box art, i would have thought it was CapCom... The colors, style and text remind me of RE:0 & RE:1. Same artist, maybe?
  7. Allie-Wan

    Favorite DLC from any game?

    *psst* Don't tell anyone but i absolutely loved Nuka World too. (I think we are the only 2 ppl that did.) +1 when Preson G. finds out you're a raider! lol
  8. Allie-Wan

    The lack of 3rd person view

    Thank you. Yeah, we tried this and everything else we could learn about. I don't totally understand the cause but it's something about unpredictable camera swings when getting near walls?? *shrugs* idk
  9. Allie-Wan

    The lack of 3rd person view

    I'm good with 1st or 3rd person (3rd is better for me if i'm in cover but w/e)... my only thought on this topic is that i know a few ppl, spouse included, that JUST CAN'T PLAY 1st person without getting motion sickness despite all the most well-meaning, helpful tips and 'how-to' vids.'...
  10. Allie-Wan

    Where are all the sexy outfits?

    I hope the 'modders' can, too. I'm guessing the npc clothes are seperate textures overlaying the npc body since you do see various npc's wearing any one particular outfit. Ugh, Bethesda has spoiled me with being able to loot clothing from NPC's in their games. lol
  11. Allie-Wan

    no Legendary crafting plans

    If you could 'learn' schematics through disassembly/deconstruction or even upgrade non-iconic, looted items to a higher tier... now THAT would be great. :) I gave up on crafting a set of legendary gear that looks fashionable (imho) in lieu of one of the known sets that exist in the world.
  12. Allie-Wan

    Favorite companion from any game?

    If you find the time, try KOTOR 2 with Darth Stoney's "tslrp" mod. Most of all the cut content (even another whole planet) has been lovingly restored.'ll be even a bigger fan of the Handmaiden!
  13. Allie-Wan

    "Special Clothing" slot... For fashion!

    The Special Clothing slot would be an easier way to add some NPC outfits (Mox! ;) ) into the game. These outfits could be "stat-free" so as to not affect the loot tables. Basically, make Special Clothing slot become an appearance slot.
  14. Allie-Wan

    Rockstar Energy Drink x Cyberpunk 2077

    I imagine they are mainly concerned with having to ship the '70 Mustang to its winner (anywhere other than North America would cost $$$). If you can find 'em, give it a shot... at worst, you bought a tasty drink. The fruit punch is great. :)
  15. Allie-Wan

    Anyone else not getting a notification yet that the Collector's Edition has been sent?

    I got the e-mail that mine will be delivered tomorrow. (tracking shows it's close, already... oh soooo close) :)
  16. Allie-Wan

    Point in time that you would have been fine if graphic technology had stopped.

    Once we get to Star Trek:TNG "holo-decks", we might need to stop. ;)
  17. Allie-Wan

    Dragon Age IV

    I'll probably play DA4 at some point (only in hopes of 'catching up' with my dear old friends Leliana, Morrigan & Varric). I just didn't like any of the other companions in DA:I. Feel free to laugh at me :) ...but when Blackwall decides to tell me how he was too much of a coward to help a poor...
  18. Allie-Wan

    Cyberpunk 2077 REVIEWS - links & discussion

    Hey, whether it's music, movies or games; if the "critics" hate it, it's almost a guarantee i'll love it. lol
  19. Allie-Wan

    Favorite DLC from any game?

    I loved Pt.1 but would vote for Pt.2... *sigh* The ending. ;)
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