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  1. cyber_glitch_y

    HDR implementation is broken

    Yes even with HDR disabled, there are plenty of instances where it's absolutely impossible to see the environment either because its too dark or too bright. If the logic is that in real life you have pitch black areas, then there should be a flash light or flare in the game. Similarly...
  2. cyber_glitch_y

    Elevator Issues with Bodies

    I did the same an it worked. First time I tried I left him on the floor of the elevator and lost him in the shaft! 😂
  3. cyber_glitch_y

    PS5 Experience and Bugs - V1.23

    I've been playing Cyberpunk 2077 on the PS5 ever since the PlayStation Store brought it back with V1.23. While I love the concept and the main story, I want to share the issues I've experienced with the game. It's definitely playable on the PS5 but it doesn't do the game justice because it's...
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