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  1. Bondaebu


    Nah they should abandon this game and move on to next project. this game gone wrong from the roots.
  2. Bondaebu

    This is a barebones RPG. Someone had to say it.

    Now I realized why they left out 'RPG' from the twitter description lol.
  3. Bondaebu

    Fixers should have been more detailed

    I expected more contextual design for fixers. Fixers work like notice board in The Witcher series basically. But It's way too cheap. It should have been more detailed. For instance, The situation that fixers call V who only has 6-month career first is just ridiculous. V should have contacted...
  4. Bondaebu

    Thanks for making such a great game!

    I strongly disagree. this game has Ubisoft level of side quests. meaningless, superficial, unmemorable.. Have you played The Witcher games? That's the detailed side quests.
  5. Bondaebu

    Cyberpunk 2077 User Reviews & Impressions

    I can't believe I have waited for this game for years. My impression? It's worse than The Witcher 1 and 2, let alone 3 Wild Hunt that is my favorite video game of all time. The soul of the witcher seires is just gone. Meaningful stories, multi-layered lines, thought-provoking subjects and so on...
  6. Bondaebu

    Opinions on the music?

    But in the city music is everywhere. imagine bgm is played all the time like TW3. it will be mess being mixed 2-3 songs simultaneously
  7. Bondaebu

    Are you disappointed?

    Yay, let's wait for 2 more years
  8. Bondaebu

    I'm a bit disappointed CDPR decided to stick with "levels".

    Well, It's story-based game which means there are experiences devs want players to go through the most. Of course It's non-linear RPG, but, in fact, It's not that non-linear. It's far, far from level of freedom of Ultima games or Zelda: BotW. I mean, how to control players without level...
  9. Bondaebu

    RPG Mechanics: Skill Progression and Roles

    Let's see why ruling out dialogues with social skill check is good for letting people start looking over the situation. Because, basically, it makes the game unpredictable. You don't know what you need to choose to see good consequences. So you start searching possibilities as hard as you can...
  10. Bondaebu

    RPG Mechanics: Skill Progression and Roles

    Well I didn't exactly mean being yourself. Regardless being yourself or another character, you should decide almost everything in RPG generally. You should still come up with lines and decide what to do even though you are playing as another character. 'If I were in this situation..' and 'If I...
  11. Bondaebu

    RPG Mechanics: Skill Progression and Roles

    I think the biggest difference between them is the possibility to remain as player's responsibility. I mean, you can't teach physical skills to players through the monitor for sure. But cases like persuading Ciana to stop making crime, or deciding an npc's fate in morally-grey situation could...
  12. Bondaebu

    RPG Mechanics: Skill Progression and Roles

    As I said, it's important to give the players feeling like they are making their own way. If some social skills could avoid this problem, I don't argue with that. Like axii of Geralt or hallucination of Malkavian. It's their power and I see the games used it appropriately. And I don't know much...
  13. Bondaebu

    RPG Mechanics: Skill Progression and Roles

    I suppose stats, ability, something like that are just parts of rules. Rules make the game inarguable. That's it. It has nothing to do with roleplaying. For instances, imagine kids playing home. They don't have any stats as a mom, dad, son, daughter. But they play without any problem. I think...
  14. Bondaebu

    RPG Mechanics: Skill Progression and Roles

    I consider having come up with lines, determining what to do next and something like that as a roleplaying. I don't know what you mean exactly but if you are telling about character, it's different from that a player becomes a character. I didn't mean it, and it is not needed to. Why do I...
  15. Bondaebu

    RPG Mechanics: Skill Progression and Roles

    Of course that's very RPGish. Because that's the moment you do roleplaying, instead watching, passively, your character solve the problem so easily cause your character has high speech skill. Imo, roleplaying is about the player, not character.
  16. Bondaebu

    RPG Mechanics: Skill Progression and Roles

    Yeah that was amazing part of TW3. You don't need any skills to see different outcome except a few minor choices. Only thing needed is your empathy. I always have thought it's the common key of massively beloved RPGs like Baldur's Gate, Mass Effect and The Witcher, not allowing the player's...
  17. Bondaebu

    Stealth and pick pocketing

    I don't think this game will have pickpocket system. And never seen it on any gameplay video. This game focused on story and characters, so you won't see any very deep simulation mechanic like things you said.
  18. Bondaebu

    Why have voiced protagonist?

    Imagine 4~5 seconds of unnecessary silence and text below whenever you choose dialogs. It will give you weird feeling and you feel strong desire to turn on the voice.
  19. Bondaebu

    Poll: Your preference about our reputation?

    No, It's too gamey mechanic. and It doesn't fit to the design CDPR is aiming for. CDPR doesn't make the game about simple good and evil (you can't define whether your action is good or evil) or faction based one. So it's unnecessary.
  20. Bondaebu

    I worry about the potential lack of a unique artstyle

    Blade Runner was mentioned so many time that It became generic itself. for me, Cyberpunk 2077 is more unique now. I mean, the fact that people are saying "Wut, this game is not cyberpunk!" is the evidence Cyberpunk 2077 is unique and different to any other cyberpunk movies or games.
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