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  1. strangerr3

    Please give us a way to mute hansens drops

    Its definitely too loud. I guess it was done like that so no one could miss it but its just annoying.
  2. strangerr3

    Phantom Liberty - The story just doesn't... work for me? (some spoilers included)

    I`m still playing PL and havent touched the endings, but up to this point I can definitely sense that this piece is very much disconected from main game. Main issue I have is main plot which is a bit too much for a street merc - it is certainly interesting and greatly executed, but I do have...
  3. strangerr3

    How Project Orion Should Handle Third Person Perspective

    1. Devs are happy with FPP in CP2077. 2. They are aware that players would like to see V more. 3. Reflections on surfaces, mirrors etc. are highly demanding for computer power at the moment - hopefully in couple years it will not be such a problem.
  4. strangerr3

    Level scaling ruins the game

    So far I like it. We will see how it will be when playing closer to level 40 but its more challenging and fun so far.
  5. strangerr3

    Czas na... zadania poboczne

    REDzi niestety nie wykorzystali kilku okazji kiedy mozna bylo watek fabularny wciagnac mocniej w zadania poboczne. Gdyby np. zaplata dla Rogue byla 3 razy wieksza to czesc osob naturalnie skierowaloby sie ku zleceniom od fixerow aby zarobic na informacje od Rogue. Podobnie z Mr Hands i Voodoo...
  6. strangerr3

    What’s coming in Update 2.0: Vehicle combat and car chases

    Those systems were something people definitely asked for so great. Personally, I`m a bit worried that most of what we heard so far is upgrade for shooting, car chasing and other combat shooter mechanics. I do hope that we will get a lot on the RPG level in terms of diversity of quests, branches...
  7. strangerr3


    Its fine for sandbox game, which CP2077 isnt. Its RPG - V is set to be a merc, not a person which joins gangs or megacorp agent. It woundt make sense storywise.
  8. strangerr3

    Tying up loose ends. Why can't we finish off the avocados?

    Nomads are portrayed a bit too bright in a game for me and I would definitely accept some more harsh approach towards aldecaldos, but wiping off whole clan seems just crazy. Game has its limits - V was never meant to side with biotechnica, maelstrom and any other factions and is kind of lone...
  9. strangerr3

    1.7 getting real close?

    Interesting article from today about what we should see in PL (and 1.7) - straight from Summer game fest.
  10. strangerr3

    1.7 getting real close?

    Thats a bit far but nice to know when :) Dont care about other games premiere that month -its CDP decision to compete with them. Anyone who wants to play more CP2077 will eventually buy it.
  11. strangerr3

    1.7 getting real close?

    Even heard on polish radio today about upcoming PL release :) Hype is definitely building up.
  12. strangerr3

    When Would You Purchase the Sequel?

    I dont really get why people make such a big thing with preorder no matter what side they`re on. If they want to buy in blind, its a risk but company wont fail if they dont. Its a nice gesture, but does it really have huge impact on anything except marketing? If you`re not 100% sure, its...
  13. strangerr3

    When Would You Purchase the Sequel?

    I dont think there will be compromise in 1st/3rd person views in sequel. If they decide that they are happy with 1st person (and I think they are a lot), they will keep it like it is. Its been said numerous times by devs that you cant have great design for two options. My guess is that they will...
  14. strangerr3

    1.6/1.61 - Ongoing Bugs List

    Anyone have CTD when trying to take photo with pathtracing preview on? It happens quite often now. I use 3060ti so maybe its because that card cant handle it properly even in photomode?
  15. strangerr3

    "Optional" Objectives bugged on many Quest for multiple Patches

    I think this is a bit which annoys me most right now. Quests like in Ebunike but also with Blue Moon are very bugged - Pawel Sasko who played them on twitch was a bit suprised about that and not happy which made me wonder how many people are actually still testing it. Its nothing game breaking...
  16. strangerr3

    Do you think Phantom Liberty will be worth the price? Reasons?

    I`ll buy it ASAP. I have big faith in CDPR developers and even if it will need patch or two, I`m sure it will be great experience. I`m also curious if and what they`ve learned from base game in terms of approach to quests and basically whole design. Its slightly different when you release a game...
  17. strangerr3

    1.7 getting real close?

    I think they still have to fight a bit with general public CP2077 opinion so expansion is somehow a key to establish that game as something very strong. Especially when its a last act as there wont be another expansion, nor any substancial patch in terms of big overhaul of mechanics. That it...
  18. strangerr3

    1.7 getting real close?

    If 1.7 will introduce new gameplay elements, then I think we will see it close to release date of PL to boost people motivation for buying a product. 1.7 right now will not change much - everybody except hardcore fans is waiting for new expansion and release date is not known.
  19. strangerr3

    So I let the Child Murderer BD guy live.

    Damn, thats intense thread about ways to kill/not kill father and son... I generally let them live. They are horrible people but NC is full of them and in some way, V has more blood on his hands than those two. V is a merc and killer for hire which usually doesnt ask questions and is capable...
  20. strangerr3

    Aktualizacja 1.62 – tryb Ray Tracing: Overdrive

    Dla mnie akurat raczej poprawki na plus - lag po odpaleniu mapy czy ekwipunku jest mniejszy i gra dluzej dziala w sposob plynny. Ale jedna konfiguracaj innej nie rowna.
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