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  1. youthzero

    Mentioned but missing features list

    Fallout 76 was empty as well and after a few DLCs they made it great, there are lots of random things to do outside of the main story. I think CDPR got rushed and we will get a lot of the missing content in patches and DLC. I want to see Barbers and Tattoo shops, more options for crafting. I...
  2. youthzero

    Driving Issues on PC

    There are good mods on Nexus that correct driving. just google fallout or skyrim nexus, there is support for cyberpunk as well. homemade mods that patch the game's issues. there is one for respec as well.
  3. youthzero

    I have question to DEVS, would there be monorail/subway system in future like DLC.

    There are subway stations, it's called quick travel.
  4. youthzero

    Crafting mods and weapons broken? WAY TOO OP!

    I invested all my points into crafting and netrunning, there are not a lot of options. i wanted the ability to get weapon and armor set plans like in the witcher, be able to use my skill set to customize the way my V looks and have nice gear. there is no pay off for the investment of points...
  5. youthzero

    Car customization is back? Or a little bit of it?

    I really would like to see a garage or auto shop where you can buy car mods and paint jobs and or use your crafting skills to craft and install car mods.
  6. youthzero

    Proof that the 6 month montage with Jackie was definitely cut content

    we all know a lot of things didnt make it to the final product, you can look at early gameplay and post they made about what we are going to get vs what we got.
  7. youthzero

    20 Improvements/Changes I'd Like To See (feel free to add your own!)

    I would like to see crafting expanding. i invested a lot of points into it and there is not much of a pay off. we need to have plans for weapons and armor like in the Witcher. missions to get plans and vendors that sell them, also you should be able to apply tech to car mods and crafting...
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