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  1. GNTsquid

    What would Fix the game for you?

    HA! I recently started my 2nd play through about a month ago and started wondering the same thing. The augmentations and cyberware start to feel a little less cool when 90% of the population is using them. It doesn't make sense why a lot of the augmented NPC's are augmented. There's a lot I...
  2. GNTsquid

    Patch 1.23

    Its not mentioned in the patch notes but I got an email from tech support regarding a ticket I submitted for the gig Olive Branch, saying the bug was fixed. The bug I had was: They said to check if the issue is persisting after the update. Haven't had a chance to test it myself though.
  3. GNTsquid

    Mysterious NPC Appears After Finishing Main Story. Missing "Rewards"

    I finished the game for the first time earlier today and when I loaded up the save after the credits I started walking around when I noticed an NPC I hadn't seen before. Its either a bug, some story extra I missed, or an obscure reference to something in the game that I dont understand. Who's...
  4. GNTsquid

    difference between CDPR and RockStar..

    We should also keep in mind GTA had a gradual build up to what it is today with each new game adding to, and in my opinion improving on what was built before it. It started as a 2D top down game, then moved to a 3D game that was amazing at the time but looking back you can see how crude it was...
  5. GNTsquid

    Non-Lethal Weapons Keep Killing NPCs

    Thats not what the english description says. Its more along the lines of "Its not lethal but your enemies will wish it were". I also dont think thats meant to be taken as a literal description of the weapon and whether or not it kills. Thats the thing, im not hitting them again and it often...
  6. GNTsquid

    To Mod or Not to Mod.. That is the question?

    Personally I go through a game once running the vanilla version, then if I feel up for it use mods.
  7. GNTsquid

    Non-Lethal Weapons Keep Killing NPCs

    Since release date I've noticed that every so often a non-lethal weapon ends up killing an NPC I did not want to kill. Doesn't seem to matter which weapon as I've used a stun baton, wrench, hammer, pipe, crowbar, tomahawk (which i dont get how its non-lethal but whatevs), and all of them have...
  8. GNTsquid

    Needs an Ultra HD High-Res texture pack.

    Im playing on a GTX 970 and I found that turning SSR off gets rid of the graininess. I used to have it set to high.
  9. GNTsquid

    Whats with this Obessions Over the Police?

    I agree, the biggest complaint I have about the game aside form the amount of bugs still present is that the A.I. across the board needs major improvements. Everyone loves to list all the things they wanted added or wish were added, and that's fair and some of these additions sound fun. The...
  10. GNTsquid

    (Game-Breaking Bug) Play It Safe Mission - Takemura never calls, no matter what i do, which means i cannot progress the story

    What platform is this on? If its PC I would say first try to verify the game integrity. If that doesnt work is it possible to go back to an older save and progress from there? Obviously you'll lose progress which is frustrating. Lastly backup your latest save or several of them and reinstall the...
  11. GNTsquid

    Whats with this Obessions Over the Police?

    Whoa simmer down now. Its just a for fun topic. I know the police system broken and awkward, and people are wanting something on the level of GTA. Because of how I've played my V its a non-issue for me. Its a problem but I dont encounter it because my play style avoids it. These kind of games...
  12. GNTsquid

    Whats with this Obessions Over the Police?

    Maybe i'm weird, but I've never had the police chase or attack me in this game except for one mission that kinda forced me to. How many of you out there are playing your V like a mad lunatic attacking everything in site to where the police are coming after you all the time? I mostly play as a...
  13. GNTsquid

    difference between CDPR and RockStar..

    No. Just no. I'm a 3D artist in a different industry than video games but there's a lot of cross-over, and I can just from playing the game that CDPR and this game is not short on talent. What they created is incredible, less than perfect but still incredible. This is not a game that could have...
  14. GNTsquid

    Next patch likely 1.3 in the end of the month

    I dont think we'll ever see an official 3rd person mode. The game wasn't meant be played in 3rd person (at least not in the version of the game thats been worked on for the past few years). To add 3rd person would require a ton of extra work on animation and environment interaction I just dont...
  15. GNTsquid

    Need an option to level up low level enemies, like in Witcher 3

    I think a middle ground would be best. Like if there was a way for CDPR to make it so some quests have enemies that level with you and some that don't. If I'm high level I wouldn't think some random thugs assaulting someone in an alley would pose much of a threat if i'm all decked out in the...
  16. GNTsquid

    Reasonable Expectations from future patch 1.3 (theoretical)

    Realistically? I dont know, I can only make an educated guess at whats realistically doable for the 1.3 patch. Improved AI across the board would be nice, but I dont know how much goes into that and how much more goes in to making sure whatever AI improvements you did make dont break other...
  17. GNTsquid

    Looting weapons from bodies

    I've noticed that a lot of the times the loot from stealth killed enemies or ones you hide in a container have loot that drops in a bag and that bag is often floating in the air and easy to miss. Other times i've found the gun on the ground near them or on their person, I dont know that i've...
  18. GNTsquid

    Red Engine Does Dawn and Dusk Lighting Weird

    Its not my graphics settings that's effecting it. Im not talking about the entire 24 hour cycle of Red Engine either, im just talking about certain times of the day/night cycle. The flare, bloom, light bleed is exaggerated in this game and while that's likely because of an artistic choice I...
  19. GNTsquid

    Red Engine Does Dawn and Dusk Lighting Weird

    I did a test using some 3d and lighting software that lets you use real world locations, time of day, and time of the year to get accurate sun positions and lighting. Its often used for architectural renders which often use real world settings. I set the location to Los Angeles on June 21st 2021...
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