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    Witcher 3 Graphics

    After reading this rant, I see that I'm not the only one ranting about the downgrade. I'll wait for the ultra+ patch or the modders to put some glasses on the devs. I'll wait for the NVidia GeForce GTX 980 Ti, which will give me the real feeling of the true colors of Geralt's world I want to...
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    Witcher 3 Graphics

    The fact that they closed the gap between PS4/X1 and PC is irritating. Everyone must learn to downgrade themselves to the ground. The consoles will NEVER reach the technical advantages of the PC, for they will always eat PC's dust. If I was CDP, I would choose the time exclusivity and start...
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    Witcher 3 Graphics

    Downgrade? Hello, I did read from the Greeks that you guys downgraded TW3 in PC. Why did you do such a thing? Everybody HATES the downgrade.
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    Witcher 3 - questions about game release, editions, languages etc.

    The earlier post was edited, because I noticed the Comics section after posting it. As for the fps issue, thanks for the answer. As for the languages, what you answered is with ALL the languages included, except of the Hindi and the Greek. I want the game to its original voice language...
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    Witcher 3 - questions about game release, editions, languages etc.

    Hello, I have only three questions regarding TW3. 1) Will be the Greek language included? 2) Will there be the option to switch the framerates from 30 to 60 fps? NVidia created the GTX 9xx to hold any games above 60fps, if overclockable. 3) Can anyone buy the comics along with the collector's...
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    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt -- 16 free DLCs for everyone!

    OK. Thanks. Nobody is sure. We'll have to wait for CDP's answer to this. I only had to copy-paste Momot's main post to the Greek forum, so that everyone would understand what's going on.
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    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt -- 16 free DLCs for everyone!

    Sorry to ask you about the free DLCs. I just got informed about it from a Greek forum, and I was wondering WHERE could we download them. I mean all the editions (PC/PS3/PS4/X360/X1), for I pre-ordered the PC Collector's edition of TW3. Can someone inform me about where can I download them and...
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    Penalties For QUitting

    I think it would be a good idea to have as a penalty of some amounts of VPs for each quitter. Those amounts will be shared to those who keep playing this game. As for the quitting in beta, it's indeed logical due of the bugs and glitches that you may encounter. The only solution to fix the bugs...
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    plz add more language!

    I'd like to help with the Greek translation for this game. :)
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    Game Issues Thread

    I can confirm it, because I was there. Only Kahna was affected. The rest not.
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    Gameplay Feedback Thread

    First of all, I'd like to congratulate you for your hard work to create a digital table-top game. This reminds of the Discworld tabletop game in real life. Secondly, I'd like to make some feedback for this: A) As you might know, lately we use mostly the TVs to watch anything, even a game, so...
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    [Ελλάδα] «Η Τριχωτή Αρκούδα»

    StaGiors, Εγώ την είπα την κοπέλα. Την ξέρω από το διαγωνισμό γραφίστικης. Της ζήτησα να το φτιάξει λίγο για να είναι κομπλέ. Δηλαδή, μία μικρή ανακαίνιση της κάναμε.:P Free translation for secondchildren: I asked that girl. I know her from the Graphic Design competition. I asked her to fix it...
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    Our Community Fan Translations

    [TO ALL GREEKS] We're looking for Greek translators to try translating the very series of The Witcher. Whoever wants to help out with the Greek translation, contact me or StaGiors for further details. Once we gather enough Greeks, we'll start the translation. As we speak, I'm trying to...
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    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt release date set for 24th of February, pre-orders start!

    What you say is similar with the STS (Steam Translation Server), where all the fans who love Steam translate it and Valve's games. There's also an official Greek STS group there, resulting the official Greek languaged Steam and some games (Half Life 1, as example). I have translated 95% of the...
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    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt release date set for 24th of February, pre-orders start!

    Greece here!! I just pre-ordered the CE. This is my favourite videogame and when the time is right, I'll play all TW games till the end of TW3 to feel its magic. I wish it had Greek subs, since I'm translating the whole TW wiki there.
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    30 or 60 FPS?

    Depends of how the publishers create their consoles. XBOX and Playstation CAN'T reach 60fps as long as these guys' crappy mind are limiting their consoles via the hardware statistics. Unless they want and learn to make their consoles to help the games to reach their upper goal of being closely...
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    how do you get health back in DAMN THOSE SWAMPS?

    Just consider this mission as a side quest. I liked it and I have killed him without being struck down. You just didn't know its strategy to defeat it. Mine strategy is confirmed, because I have defeated him 2 times in the past. Once I upgrade a bit more my PC, I'll redo this again to move my...
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    how do you get health back in DAMN THOSE SWAMPS?

    There's a way. You need to kill the small fries(the Deep Ones), while avoiding Dagon(H.P. Lovecraft's boss monster). Sometimes, they'll drop the Health potions(food, etc). Eat them. Then try killing him with Igni Symbol(fireball). That's his weakness. Also, try hitting him with the Steel...
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    The very very first screenshot of The Witcher

    Speaking of Berengar, I'd love to play him in the new The Witcher game. Berengar is also a Witcher, whom Geralt was looking for in TW1. That, because I want to find out what happened to Berengar and left from Kaer Morhem forcing every Witcher there to ask Geralt to look for him.
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    Free games give away

    Well, if you found a way to get past this problem, I'd like to get ahold of the AC GOTY. I already got the AA. :) I'm a friend of hack n' slash games, as well as of the RPG ones. :)
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