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  1. walkingdarkly

    Were you familiar with CyberPunk 2020 lore before you played 2077?

    I spent 10 years with Cyberpunk 2020 starting with my introduction in 1990 via an older brother and his friends. It was fun times till everyone started going crazy with power creep. I still have the same core book from then to held together with scotch tape and time. Passing on Red as I feel...
  2. walkingdarkly

    Easter eggs (spoilers)

    This is a very special easter egg that only a select few will get. >.> Thank you to the dev that did this.
  3. walkingdarkly

    Share Your V! (Keep it Classy)

    So many cool's my V after a hard night of partying.
  4. walkingdarkly

    Unofficial Cyberpunk 2077 FAQ!

    There is a nice chapter on drugs in the core rule book for 2020 with the nice caption that Cyberpunk without drugs is a healthier one. Though as usual it mostly falls on the GM if drugs make an appearance or not.
  5. walkingdarkly

    How CP2077 should handle ammo?

    Red should handle ammo very carefully, it's a dangerous tool to be taken seriously..o wait.. One hand, I wanna see rule book ammo but I understand that the rules for ammo might not make the transfer into a video game.
  6. walkingdarkly


    I will not be denied! :D
  7. walkingdarkly


    If I can't get a Folk Chrome Rap Metal band called The Ciris, I'm not getting this game >.> Also, I never heard of this Grimes but her sound reminds me of Enigma and Enya.
  8. walkingdarkly

    [POLL CONCLUDED] How do you like the new version of "Chippin' In" and why?

    As someone who has played Cyberpunk 2020 and read the books and has the core rule book and has read Never Fade Away several times over cause I've been bored I do take slight offense. To me, the 2018 version sits more with me for how I see Johnny's style from what I've read about him than the...
  9. walkingdarkly

    Is Cyber Punk 2077 Dying?

    :hole: >.> It has been 6 years *starts dragging cables all over the thread* >.>
  10. walkingdarkly

    What is your biggest fear regarding CP2077

    If I haven't been on this biggest fear is that 2077 won't be a bright and cheerful CO-OP MMO Action Adventure game in an anime style!
  11. walkingdarkly

    Cyberpunk 2077 Day vs Night and Atmosphere Thread

    For every complaint about the Sun...CDPR should make Night City even more bright, sunny and cheerful.
  12. walkingdarkly

    Mechanical Faithfulness to Cyberpunk 2020...

    You had the one fellow state that we will choose a role at the beginning of the game and we'll go through the game being the best at that role or going hybrid. While the other dev contradicts his fellow dev by stating we won't choose a role, we start the game a full blank slate and we'll be that...
  13. walkingdarkly

    I hope one of the motorcycles looks like (or can be customized to look like) this:

    With the exception to 1 picture and 1 video, the rest of the "motorcycles" in this thread have been rather ugly and 1 of them is very illogical. There are motorcycles within the world of Cyberpunk, but they look far more normal than these monstrosities.
  14. walkingdarkly

    Mechanical Faithfulness to Cyberpunk 2020...

    Holy Geebus...after seeing those interviews...I'm losing some serious faith here...I see two to three different explanations that vary so wildly it's like they're talking about two different games, none of which is what Cyberpunk is or has been with concerns to the table top from my perspective.
  15. walkingdarkly

    Weekly Poll 10/1/2018 - The Gunplay!

    If had to choose, it would be a mixture of 1, 4 and 5. Which is how I remember the way the combat is described in the 2020 Core book. Or just to say I'd like combat to be Fast, Deliberate and Deadly.
  16. walkingdarkly

    The dialog being used is concerning.

    Welcome to Night City. Also, Australia says hi.
  17. walkingdarkly

    Interest in Community Co-Written Story

    This sounds really cool, though I might have to pass for the time being. I like writing but it's been forever since I wrote anything and most of my time right now is taken up with either work or school. >.> and if I try to write something now..I'll be staring at the screen blankly for a week...
  18. walkingdarkly

    Cyberpunk 2077 Discord Server - A Nice Place To Chat.

    When I'm on, the only policing I see is people being directed to the proper channels for the questions they have. For example, there are/were many people that would ask about 2077 on the 2020 or tabletop games chat and then would ask about tabletop games on the 2077 chat. Though I do catch rare...
  19. walkingdarkly

    Cyberpunk 2077 Discord Server - A Nice Place To Chat.

    You're missing out, we have 2 Australians, a South African Chicken, Lilayah's Cat and a bunch of old people.
  20. walkingdarkly

    Cyberpunk 2077 Discord Server - A Nice Place To Chat.

    Get your butt on the discord, Snow. I need to bantz at you with the Australian kids running around the server.
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